One Year Anniversary, and a Funding Vindication

Aug 19 2006 Published by under Academia

Today is the One Year Anniversary of my Ph.D. The last couple weeks I've had what I thought might be Frodo-like anxiety aftereffects, and was briefly concerned that I might also have been pierced by a Morgul blade, bitten by a giant spider, and have Phantom Limb from where my finger was bitten off by an ugly CGI character. But I realized no, that wasn't the case (whew), any anxiety I've experienced (and my concomitant hiatus) is due to 1. my postdoctoral NRSA proposal 2. my hard drive crashing and the big number 3......

... Evil Monkey is back in the monkey business!!! I submitted an internal proposal to our agency, in conjunction with my boss and another lab. I recently found out that it was funded, which is unheard of. I never get anything funded!!! What's more, we now have a $200k budget to work with next year, and I'm the lead on the project!!!! Can you tell I'm excited?
Unfortunately this project comes with substantial work overload and is in addition to my postdoctoral mouse projects. I've now got a huge hole of work to dig out of, so I'm quite the frazzled little pooflinger. I'll be posting again on a regular basis after next weekend, and sporadically until then. I've got a few other interesting twists in my life that I'll write about as well.

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