Evil Needs a New Pair of Shoes

Aug 21 2006 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

As I posted Saturday, I'm on a quest to get myself back into tip-top physical condition for my upcoming Thai boxing test. To do this I need to set goals for myself. I'm going to enlist the help of my readers on this one!
Warning: half-nekkid monkeys ahead

I made a deal with myself-- I can get a new pair of kick-ass running shoes, IFF I can get a six-pack going. I figure this goal will take another month to six weeks to reach. I'm posting a picture of myself now for reference and will keep posting more pictures periodically, every 2-3 weeks. I'll try to rig polls as we go so all 5 of my loyal readers can decide if I've reached my goal or not. Once I do, off to the shoe store!
Here's the reference shot of a sweaty 31 year old monkey just starting to get back in shape.
Wish me luck....

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  • I'll see about taking you up on your challenge to join you in the fight against aging and gravity, but I've got to be more quantitative than "getting my six-pack going again."
    Not sure if I have the guts to post a picture (well, I do have "the gut" - that's the problem), but I will post my weight and current 400 meter and mile-run time for purposes of measuring progress. I'd encourage you to do so as well.
    Enjoy all the date offers and lewd mails, Dr Evil.

  • I will join you. I've dropped 50lbs in 1.5 years (most of it in the 1st 0.5 years -- and all due to the insane amount of running I've been doing since my 40th-birthday commitment to run a marathon, which I may get around to in March of '07) and have yet to achieve the 6-pack. Not for lack of trying but I just can't lower the fat content of my diet enough. Gone from 2% to skim. Gone from real meat to turkey. Gone from lots of meat to, as my cow-orker puts it, "man, that's what food eats." But I'm with you. Ah, vanity.

  • As my horny roomate quips (whenever I say I need to lose 5):
    "I'd still do ya."

  • Verge Limbo says:

    Hold On...Isn't this a science blog? Or did I accidentally link to a page on Adultfriendfinder?
    I see the beef but where is the science?
    This series of entries reminds me of when I stumbled across my teenage sister's obsessive weight loss diary.
    PS: Videos of half nekkid Latvians doing Parkour acrobatics to kick ass hiphop can be found at http://www.limbovision.org
    [not a science blog]
    Very inspiring stuff.

  • Evil Monkey says:

    "I'd still do ya."

    I appreciate the sentiment but no, you won't. 🙂

    Verge, at Seed, science is culture. Nobody said it was cultureD.

  • skeeler says:

    What is this, monkey porn?
    The real question is, what does Mrs. Monkey think about the changes in her "pri-mate"?

  • Evil Monkey says:

    Yup, bona fide monkey porn.

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