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Sweet Potatoes!!!!!

Nov 20 2006 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

A Thanksgiving Treat!!! Even people who don't like sweet potatoes will like these!!!
Apologies for not having exact quantities worked out, I generally eyeball these things and taste them at the end to determine what I need to add.
You will need:

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How Does One Defeat Matt Hughes?

Nov 20 2006 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

UFC 65 was a night of surprises. Who knew that Tim Sylvia had a ground game, almost choking out a guy (who looked like the love child of Danny DeVito, that guy from The Shield, and a neckless Uncle Fester on steroids) to defend the heavyweight title? Who knew James Irvin would do a better job of knocking his own ass down than would Hector Ramirez? Who knew Joe Stevenson's shirt would put up a better fight than his opponent? Who knew Vera would make Frank Mir his bitch? Ok we kinda saw that last one coming.
But what about the big event of the night... the Welterweight Title Fight?
Unless you've been living under a rock (or just don't give a shit about the UFC), you know that Matt Hughes is the dominant welterweight in the history of the sport. Corn-fed Illinois boy like me, you either love him or hate him, but you gotta respect him. Love him, because he's relentless in his quest to be the best. Hate him, because it seems like he's unstoppable. Or because of that annoying sanctimonious Jesus fetish he has, as if the Lord gave a shit who won UFC 65.
News flash Matt, Jesus doesn't watch the UFC. He's a Red Sox fan.

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Status Epilepticus, TLE, and GABA-A Receptor Gene Therapy

Temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) refers to a condition where recurrent seizures arise in the temporal lobe of the brain. This condition is seen in humans and animals. Often, TLE arises following a neural insult such as head trauma or tumor, but can also be triggered by infection. These febrile seizures are often seen in children under the age of five, and subsequent scans can show atrophy of temporal lobe structures such as the hippocampus. The hippocampus is highly interconnected with other temporal lobe structures, so a seizure that originates from or propagates through the hippocampus is likely to result in widespread seizure activity.
While febrile convulsions of short duration (on the order of a few minutes) are somewhat normal in infants, convulsions lasting more than one hour indicate a high risk for developing TLE in the future. TLE resulting in status epilepticus (SE) is of particular concern, as SE is a life-threatening condition where the brain enters a state of persistent seizure, either from one long episode or a series of recurring episodes. Medication may not be effective at controlling SE, and complications are almost inevitable. If SE is the result of TLE, resection of the entire temporal lobe can be successful at eliminating seizure activity. While the brain is very "plastic" in younger children who can recover from this sort of surgery and go on to live almost completely normal lives, such drastic surgery is not desirable as age increases because the brain's ability to compensate for the surgery is diminished.
With this in mind, I turn your attention to a recent publication.

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Will Webb take Virginia from Macaca, help restore some scientific sanity to the Senate?

Nov 07 2006 Published by under Uncategorized

As it stands now, Webb is down 0.5% of the vote to George Felix "Macaca" Allen Jr. with 95% of precincts reporting in. Unfortunately for Macaca, I just checked the VA election results site and the precincts left are all in Webb territory-- Prince William's, Loudon, Richmond City, Newport counties.
I believe that if the results are within 0.5%, there is a mandatory recount in VA. Here's to hoping a non-racist is elected senator in VA tonight, and helps bring a semblance of accountability back to the US Senate.
Along with a few extra bucks to the NIH. Ok so I'm biased.

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South Dakota re-enters the 21st Century: "No" to Abortion Ban

Nov 07 2006 Published by under Health Care/Medicine

Looks like the infamous abortion ban in South Dakota ain't gonna fly with the state's residents.

Opponents of South Dakota's abortion ban are maintaining their lead over those who favor the law.
With 194 of 818 precincts reporting results, 60 percent of voters cast "no" votes, according to results from the Secretary of State's Office.
The ban - which outlaws all abortions except those performed to save the life of a pregnant woman - is a direct challenge to the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide.

Welcome back to the reality-based community, SD, and here's to hoping you defeat what certain other Sciencebloggers have described in IM as a "fucking draconian piece of shit".

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SchadenFriday, Early Edition (Hovind Redux)

Nov 02 2006 Published by under Evolution, Synaptic Misfires

Looks like creationist paragon of moral fortitude Kent Hovind might be headed to the slammer.


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