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Greetings Tangled Bank seekers!

Feb 28 2007 Published by under Blog Carnivals

Looking for The Bank? It will appear here this afternoon EST. I have a couple questions for the host and I have some fun fun monkey lab business to attend to in the morning, so once I get the final word from PZ after that I'll put it up.
Have a great day!!!

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Happy Darwin Day!!! Earn Some Cash!!!

Feb 12 2007 Published by under Academia, Activism, Evolution

It's official! In honor of Darwin Day celebrations everywhere, the Alliance for Science is having their first annual Evolution Essay contest! This year's question: Why would you want your doctor to have studied evolution?
Pop on over for contest details, if you're a high school student. First prize is $300, Second is $200, etc. Plus there are a lot of autographed books on evolution that you can win!!! Teachers, prompt your students. If yours wins you get $250 towards lab supplies! Students, submit something! For 1000 words you can buy a semester's worth of books in college, or make a month's payment on your car!
Also, if you're philanthropically-minded, consider donating to the AfS. If you like the essay contest and want your contribution set aside specifically for next year's prize money, just make a note of it on your check and AfS will make sure it doesn't get used for anything else. Sorry we're not set up for Paypal right now.

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1st Annual Darwin Day Essay Contest

Feb 08 2007 Published by under Activism, Evolution

Darwin Day is fast approaching! In honor of Charles Darwin's birthday and his intellectual achievements, the Alliance for Science is starting an annual Darwin Day essay contest geared at high school students. We will be accepting essays from the 50 states, submissions sent by email. There will be cash prizes for the top entries, magazine subscriptions, and numerous signed books on evolution, creationism, or other relevant topics in biology available as prizes. Teachers, if your student is the winner then we will also kick in some money for your science labs.
Now here's the kicker: we don't have a fancy $4,000,000 operating budget like those creationist "think tanks" in Seattle. However, The Alliance for Science has already amassed a decent amount of the prize money thanks to some very generous individuals. We are looking to expand that amount and also procure funds for future Darwin Day Essay Contests. To that extent, we already have some of our membership contributing at least $200 in matching grants, which means you, dear reader, should consider donating to this worthy cause! No amount is too small and the Alliance for Science is a 501(c)3 charity, so your contributions are tax-deductible. Additionally, if you would like to ensure that your contribution is used only for the Darwin Day essay contest, please indicate this when you send your donation by writing "Darwin Day Essay" in the memo line on your check. We will either apply the amount towards this year's contest or keep it separate for subsequent DD Essay contests, but the money will not go towards any other AfS endeavor. Unfortunately we are not equipped to accept Paypal donations at this time. Please send your donations to this address.
The contest will not actually close on Darwin Day so don't fret; neither your essay nor your generous donations need to be in by then! The formal announcement is in the works, so watch in the coming week for more details including deadlines, more info on the awards, how to submit your essay, and the essay topic itself.

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