Screw the sudafed: When your nose ain't great, masturbate!

Sep 19 2008 Published by under Friday Weird Science
I'm starting to think it must be a LOT of fun to be the editor of the Journal of Medical Hypotheses. First there was the one about groaning and hyperventilation decreasing blood to the cortex and enhancing the sexual experience, and now this (hat tip, my friend Scott, and here's very much hoping Ike spared your house):
Zarrintan, S "Ejaculation as a potential treatment of nasal congestion in mature males" The Journal of Medical Hypotheses, 71(2), 2008.

Oh man, this one's so good I almost just want to quote it verbatim. But I won't.
So I'm sure you've all been congested as some point. Usually we reach for the Sudafed (if we can get some, in the States it's like pulling teeth), or the Dayquil, or perhaps just put our heads over a cup of steaming tea. But how many of us think "man, if only I could get off right now..."
Though probably when you are really congested, getting off is not really something that's much on your mind. And if it is, my but you have a very odd fetish. Congestion (inflammation of the blood vessels in the nose) has lots of causes, most of us think of colds or allergies, maybe a sinus infection. The author notes that chronic problems with congestion can lead to low self-esteem and reduced quality of life. I've never personally found my congestion to be THAT bad, but I suppose there could be some cases.
Most over the counter decongestant work by stimulating adrenergic receptors. These would be drugs like Sudafed. Drugs like Claritin are allergy drugs that block histamine, and so work a different way. So anyway, stimulating adrenergic receptors causes vasoconstriction, and constricting the blood vessels of the nose will relieve congestion. But the author notes that this is not necessarily a good thing. Adrenergic stimulation could lead to problems with vasoconstriction in other areas, which could be bad if you have problems like hypertension. Also, using decongestants for a while will make you tolerant, and your congestion will just get more difficult to fight.
So the author proposes a more...natural method of decongestion. "It is known that sexual arousal in men is followed by penile erection and subsequent ejaculation" (unless of course you've taken too much Viagra or something). The emission phase of ejaculation is under the control of the sympathetic nervous system, which of course has lots of adrenergic receptors. The author reasons that ejaculation will stimulation adrenergic receptors in the refractory period immediately afterward, and stimulation of your adrenergic receptors will give you relief from your cold.
The author proposes that, with proper scheduling of masturbation and/or sexual intercourse a guy could keep his nose clear for the rest of his life! I wonder how the partner takes that. "Honey, come here, my nose is stuffed up..." And what if your nose is REALLY messed up? I hope those people work from home.
And if a guy can keep his nose clear for life, what about us ladeez? My allergies bother me, too, you know. I think this needs to be tested, both on men and women. So I want to hear back from all of your whether it worked. Wait 'til the hay fever sets in, go at it like rabbits, and then leave a comment with whether or not it worked. Obviously this is not a well controlled study, but I don't know that I want to ask whether it was masturbation or intercourse, and I wouldn't trust anyone with a timer in the few minutes after sex to measure their refractory period. So this is more of a pilot than a real test. Go to it! This is your homework for the weekend!
S ZARRINTAN (2008). Ejaculation as a potential treatment of nasal congestion in mature males Medical Hypotheses, 71 (2), 308-308 DOI: 10.1016/j.mehy.2008.03.010

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  • Anon says:

    Wait a moment....
    *ahem* No, it didn't seem to make much difference with some mild nasal congestion. On the other hand, I have noticed in the past that any moderate physical activity, like going for a brisk walk, *will* do a pretty good job of temporarily clearing the sinuses. So I wonder if that is really what's going on with this phenomenon.

    • Goat says:

      It's the act of masturbation that stops the nose running and it's not a hypothesis, it's real!
      It's got nothing to do with ejaculation - the nose will start streaming again soon afterwards.
      I seriously hope Glaxo are looking into this and paying human guinea pigs - provided they didn't make you toss off until your foreskin could no longer fit over your swollen helmet. o=3

      • Goat says:

        NB: It's not going to help with CONGESTION, the physical blockage with mucus. It just stops your nose streaming with dripping snot. But, this is not a cure as you can't masturbate for 1 or 2 days, non-stop, it's just a phenomena that the drug companies should look into and try to replicate with a pill. For now, if you need to sleep you'll have to bung up your nostrils with folded and rolled tissue - or cotton wool? - I've not tried that.
        Also - dehydrate yourself - you can't produce drippy snot if there's no water in your body (although no one in medicine will suggest this - just don't drink!).
        BTW - As far as I know, I am the creator of the penis emoticon:
        o=3 (or c=3 for circumcised Jews).

        • YourIllogical says:

          What your suggesting and your reasoning for masturbation as a decongestion is completely wrong.

          The kind of congestion this works for is inflammatory, not congestion from mucus. The author isn't suggesting its going to stop a drippy nose, but pressure from your physically swollen sinus' can be relieved. Trust me, I'm a severe sufferer of swollen sinus'; it works...

          And not drinking water when you have a runny nose is just straight dummy talk. You're not going to end your drippy nose, just dry your mucus out and make it annoying in other ways. Not to mention your just going to worsen your illness by... well NOT DRINKING WATER!? You know, that life giving fluid that's used in every chemical reaction in your body? You literally suggested that somebody should stop drinking water to get over an illness... Seriously? That's like saying to fix an oil leak in a car you should just remove all it's oil.

          Also your dick emoticon sucks, (_)_)////D

        • Digomiero says:

          People say that if advice was good, it would be sold, not given... but really, you are SO bad at giving advice that you should give people money to be allowed to give them...

          Got a cold? Stop drinking water...

          Maybe rolling naked on ice could help either...

          What about licking the nose of someone with pneumonia?

      • ana says:

        This can cure your sinusitis in as little as 3 days. I TESTED...and IT'S WORKING !!!

    • ZKP says:

      It just worked for me, which is why I actually looked this up, nearly 6 years after the article was posted. Have had a head cold for days, Sudafed was only working to some degree, as my tolerance has indeed been built up a bit. Quick round of self love and AT orgasm, here we go, nasal passages are cleared, my right one had been blocked for quite a while. Gonna go take a walk to hopefully keep this going .

  • Coturnix says:

    I am majorly congested right now. Gotta go, brb....

  • anony says:

    I began noticing this sometime in my early twenties. My sinuses *completely* clear for at least 30 seconds during orgasm and just after. Unfortunately, it doesn't last longer than that...
    I have a very comical memory of talking to a girlfriend about it one day, then that same night, having had very bad allergies and I pantomimed toward my nose to get her attention and breathed in and out as I orgasmed to illustrate how my sinuses would clear.

  • Art says:

    I tried it but kept falling asleep before I could make clear observations and take notes. And once I've slept I can't remember. On the positive side I'm getting a lot more sleep. And seem more relaxed.

  • Pass the Kleenex would ya? It's for my, ahem, blocked nose.

  • chezjake says:

    I've frequently noticed that, whether I've earlier experienced congestion or not, I'll need to blow my nose shortly after ejaculation.

  • Jack Kerr says:

    Oh, I thought I was the only one to notice that.
    i guess the mucus is being pulled from one place, and rushed to another.

  • Sean says:

    I am 66 years old and it appears that for the last three years I have been going into a sneezing fit--sneezing about six~ten times after ejaculation. This answers my question as to why I was doing this. At least now I know it is normal.

  • scicurious says:

    Actually, Sean, I've heard of that phenomenon, and there's a different reflex associated with that. It's definitely heard of though.
    Anon, yeah, exercise usually helps me, but the author said something about exercise CAUSING congestion in some people.
    Anony, did your girlfriend react WELL to your illustrations? Or did it ruin the moment?
    Wow, so right now we have a tally of 3 (or 4 depending onwhether you count sneezing), one for whom it didn't work, and one who couldn't stay awake. I need more data!!!

  • broklynite says:

    ::checks:: newp, no difference. Nice idea tho. Odd how theoretically this is proposed but the scientist couldn't find one single person to try it out before publishing?

  • Not Stuffy says:

    I personally think your body will trigger whatever reaction it needs to clear your nasal passages in order to make sure it gets enough oxygen (like during heavy breathing perhaps). I've noticed this mainly when having to breath out of my nose for a time and being slightly stuffy and when exercising as well. I'm skeptical about this phenomenon being related to ejaculation, but let a good study tell for sure.

  • MDRO says:

    What anony said. Lasts a minute tops and the congestion sets right back in.

  • Shannon says:

    Sex/masturbation has always been my cure for cramps.

  • Chris says:

    It's ragweed season and I am going to be making some extensive observations on this over the next few days.
    I hope.

  • dasmb says:

    So perhaps I can blame my persistent sinusitis on the Tantra?

  • angie says:

    Masturbation/Sex definitely solves my congestion issues... for a short while. Within a minute or two of stopping, the sinus troubles return full force. Any other moderate physical activity (cleaning, yard work, aerobic exercise) also seems to help, and the effects seem to last a little bit longer. Sitting still and/or slouching make the problem 10 times worse.

  • thamilton says:

    Works wonders for me for sinus headaches, not so much for a runny nose.

  • gren says:

    Well ive tried it, and it did nothing for my congestion, I do however have a very strong right arm now, so not all bad πŸ™‚

  • scicurious says:

    Stacy s: considering it was flagged as inappropriate and wouldn't even come up on my browser, I couldn't tell you. But probably, yeah.

  • andrea says:

    Shannon: yeha. orgasming is proven to help mestrual cramps. its theorised that this will entice more women to have sex while they ovulate, thus ensuring more pregnancy. its an evolutionary thing. it doesnt matter if yo ubeleive in evolution or not. either way, orgasms=less cramps. its great.

  • scicurious says:

    Andrea: Orgasming does indeed help menstrual cramps in some women, at least in the short term. However, it's not to promote more sex and more children. When you are menstruating, you are NOT ovulating. Ovulation comes a few days after your last menstrual period, and there are usually no cramps associated with it (though some women do get them). During the time of ovulation, women are more physically attractive (their waist to hip ratios actually change, their lips are fuller, etc), and also hornier. THAT is what encourages more sex.

  • Pietro says:

    I found that snorkeling was very effective. too. Diving 30-49 ft causes compression follow by decompression and subsequent copious phlegm discharge. Of course during initial dives, with blockage, only about 10 feet is obtainable because of pain in the ears and sinuses from the pressure differential. But usually with repeated attempts over the course of an half-hour, one can exceed 50 ft. depth.

  • Unfocused Me says:

    I'm pretty sure I read an article in Playboy (yes, I read the articles, at least occasionally) about 20 years ago by a doctor saying the same thing. Had the hypothesis, tested it himself, claimed it worked -- but he never suggested scheduling "treatments" to avoid ever taking another Sudafed. Of course, he didn't have to stand in line and show ID to get a flippin' 12-pack of Sudafed back then, either.

  • BRIAN says:


  • Bee says:

    I'm a woman in late middle age, have always had bad sinuses, and can say from considerable experience that orgasming does clear my sinuses for a brief period. Never timed it, I'm afraid.
    Also excellent home remedy for menstrual cramping. Not that that's a problem anymore - menopause mostly 'rocks' as you young folk would say. (Okay, I would say it too, but not when any of you young things would hear. Git off my lawn, dang it!)

  • You know Scicurious, knowing that the production of nasal mucous is cholinergically controlled, I can almost squint and see the logic of this hypothesis. I suppose the experiment would be to compare the effects of masturbation with various sympathetic/parasympathetic blockades. Besides, what did a little weiner-pulling ever hurt?

  • Chris says:

    I have noticed this effect myself. The magnitude of the effect seems to be related to how intense the orgasm is as well. The great thing is that while Sudafed makes it easier to breath, it also makes your sinuses and throat feel dry, while the orgasm effect just seems to open everything up.

  • Coturnix says:

    It all started with Wilhelm Fliess...

  • aikibookworm says:

    Orgasm definitely seems to ease my sinus headaches. I've never understood, "Not tonight, dear. I have a headache" (unless it's a migraine; migraine=leave me alone). With a headache, I'm more like, "Oh man, I have a bad headache. Please help?" πŸ˜‰
    However, during peak fall allergy season, I have, regrettably, noticed a tendency to end up with an asthma attack within just a little while after, errrm, ummm, recreational heavy breathing.
    My biggest complaint is that it's hard to give quality oral sex when my nose is all clogged up. I feel guilty and frustrated about doing such a lackluster job.

  • scicurious says:

    Isis: Yeah, I can see it too. I definitely think it's worth looking at some preliminary data! I need to do a count of all the responses, though. And it appears the respite is short-lived.
    aikibookworm: Great for your sinus headaches, but you've kind of strayed into the realm of things I didn't really need to know...

  • The Wanderer says:

    I'll have to try the masturbation method. Ordinarily for temporary sinus relief I spray the tips of two fingers with pepper spray and apply to my nostrils, then breathe in.
    Hurts for about an hour, but it really unclogs the sinuses.

  • Hot Toddy says:

    I'm a chronic sinus sufferer, and have truly noticed less constricted nasal passages post orgasm. It's not so much a reduction in mucous as it is a widening of the passageways. I find sex preferable to masturbation (for this express medical purposes, of course...), and am sure that exercise has a similar effect--even yard work. The problem is that my condition is chronic and I don't need quick alleviation a few times a year. I'm always suffering and can't afford to jerk myself silly every couple of hours. I'm looking into alternate therapies including NAET and EFT. If you suffer too, look them up and keep an open mind (it might lead to an open nose...).

  • Curt Russell says:

    I think this will work better than telling her, "It will clear up your skin."

  • Miles Gloriosus says:

    Hot damn! That causality book you have listed under "Currently Reading" looks sweet! I read its preview pages on Amazon and then promptly ordered it.
    Oh, and the sinus remedy ... I'll get back to you on that. πŸ™‚

  • Chris says:

    I tried this again last night and gave it more attention. The sinus congestion clears up well before the climax and the effect remains for a good 30 minutes afterwards. Right now I'm wondering if it's a mechanical thing rather than an endocrine thing--e.g., different jaw position, which I noted.

  • Lab Rat says:

    Peitro: Diving with sinusitis? My ghod you are brave. If i have any problems with a stuffy nose I find I can't get more than about a metre underwater before my ears really start to hurt.

  • P says:

    I have long noticed a short term solution. I am either clear or oblivious while engaging, and afterward I am clear for less than a half hour. Also, my allergies cause mostly running or congestion, but the end of the post intercourse clearness usually includes a lot of sneezing as well.

  • BigBorker says:

    I swear I wake up congested every morning, but after servicing myself, am breathing fine. Tried to explain this to my girlfriend, but she thinks it's just an excuse to validate my morning ritual.

  • says:

    i find banging my head against the wall whilst crying "for the love of god, i never said that, and if i did i didn't mean it that way" helps clear my sinuses.
    although i'd imagine the precursor argument may have got the white cells flooding around the body.
    will get back to you after a good w***

  • Ptn says:

    'Orgasm definitely seems to ease my sinus headaches. I've never understood, "Not tonight, dear. I have a headache"'
    My impression is that the mainstream use of "not tonight, dear, I have a headache" is mostly lying to get out of having sex without hurting the partner's feelings too much.
    Me and my partners tend to be over each other like teenagers, frome time to time, so a headache for me is more of "no getting me off *sob, unf unf*". I've in the past on 3+ occasions spaced out over years attempted getting off while having a headache (all solo, though). In my experience, for me, headache + orgasm = explosive pain, PAIN! The headache gets somewhat worse the closer to the orgasm, only to suddenly bash my brains out with an iced sledgehammer the size of an anvil.
    As far as I know I don't have migraine, though I have no idea what kinds of headaches my past attempts were with. My (male) partner is lucky enough to not have this problem with headaches, it merely makes him less in the mood.

  • ABC says:

    I think it is more to do with the increase in CO2 levels in the blood during orgasm. Some people need to hold their breath to orgasm, and it's because orgasm occurs easier with the blood full of CO2 (also why auto-erotic asphyxiation is performed by some). The same effect can be gotten from some strenous exercise or fast walking. I think the blood vessels in your nose shrink when CO2 levels in the blood increase... at least that is my theory. It also explains why people's nasal congestion can come right back after they get their breath back from an orgasm or some exercise, because the O2 levels in their blood go righ tback up with the hard breathing.

  • Bree says:

    While this wasn't exactly the read I was looking for during my internet search it was an eye opener. You see recently had a nasty fever of 103 for several days that I couldn't shake. I remember reading somewhere a long time ago about a couple dry humping to break the g/f's fever. Even though I was not in the mood, I gave masturbation a try. After I climaxed (and a short nap) my temperature dropped to normal and I've been fine ever since. This will be the second time I've broken a fever using this -uh- technique. I'm wondering if there's a connection or if I'm just weird.

  • Female says:

    I am female, and I just googled 'masturbation clears my sinuses' and found this article. So, obviously it works for me πŸ™‚ I'm really congested right now, but I managed to get at least one nostril completely clear for a little while! Glad I am not the only one... it really does work...

  • Female says:

    Also, I wanted to add this... I was also wondering if it was more of a mechanical thing...( in regards to an ealier post about jaw placement ) because if I recall correctly... I also go jogging sometimes when I get really stuffy and it clears up well... I also find I get better much more quickly when I force myself to exercise no matter how crappy I feel... so perhaps it's just the increase in breathing or strenuous activities? I had a hunch that maybe endorphins were behind it... either way... I feel better about being sick after a some quick self love πŸ™‚

  • stuffy says:

    definitely works, if only for a little while. and like another poster said, the level of cleared sinuses varies depending on how intense the orgasm is.
    i'm a girl by the way, so it does apply to both sexes!

  • Kris says:

    I was wondering if it was just me, but every time I had an orgasm the past couple nights my stuffy nose would clear up. Like a few had already said, it only lasts but a minute. Well let's say I got about 15 minutes of being able to breathe each night. I've had this darn stuffy nose for the past 5 days and I'm so ready to get rid of it.

  • jimdandy says:

    The Stones knew all about this ...
    "She blew my nose and then she blew my mind"

  • jamie says:

    I liked #45 answer.

  • Kevin says:

    I just always assumed that this was common knowledge. It's undoubtedly true with me.

  • samantha says:

    well apparently it does work on both men and women! my boyfriend and I were making out/pleasuring eachother (we both have a cold btw) and both of us felt much better afterwords and we both could breathe easily. lol

  • clint says:

    This made my day. Yesterday my girl made a comment about me always blowing my nose after sex so i decided to google it and I find this. I always have to Blow my Nose after sex weather im stuffed up or not.Is there an actual medical term for this?

  • stuffyincali says:

    YES! I didn't realize it until now, but, yes:
    last night my husband and I made love, in spite of the fact that kissing etc are totally inhibited by my inability to breathe through my nose, and afterwards my sinuses cleared a little bit, and I remember thinking, woulda been nice if I could've breathed this well earlier!
    I googled "Sudafed" today in the hope it was still available for sale in the US and I might be able to get some longer lasting relief, and this post came up, like a big neon sign from the gods, Don't Poison Yourself With That Pharmaceutical Crap, You Just Need to Get Off More!"
    I think I can live with that...

  • SB says:

    In late summer my mold allergies really start kicking in and I've tested this theory for years. Result? It works 100% of the time. My nasal passages stay clear for about 5-10 minutes. Give it a try, even if it doesn't work, you're still a WINNER!

  • JK says:

    Just getting over a cold and beat one out. Result was that I could breathe much better through my nose for at least 10 mins. Googling brought me here....
    So in the USA, you can't buy Sudafed, but Jacko can pump himself full of a cocktail of benzos and respiratory depressants that Anesthetists in the UK wouldn't use in theater...? Wow.

  • Brett says:

    Ive been doing this since my 20s, Im 32 now. Anytime my nose would be stuffed up like now, I would masturbate. Right before I would release, my passage ways in my nose would clear up and then it would be a little stuffy after 10 seconds but not as bad. It also works great if you have a bead headache. But it comes back about 15 seconds after you ejaculate.

  • Heather says:

    I would love to be an Research Assistant on the larger study. I'm laughing just thinking about the data collection.

  • RT says:

    i trie this when I woke up this morning. The key it seems is to noy ejaculate but get close a keep it their afor a few minutes. I did this in the shower. And when i could finaly breathe again I sniffed some hot water after wards. Its been about two hours and i can still breathe. Oh yea I must mention I also sick at the moment. So in my opinion it has worked very well.

  • Lily says:

    I've always noticed that orgasming while stuffed up works like a charm to open up my nasal passages for 45 seconds to a minute or so. Sometimes during that brief moment if relief, I'll use a nasal spray to clear my nose, which actually works for a couple hours! Wayyyyy better than meds πŸ™‚

  • Rachel says:

    I did find that it did lightly decongest.

  • Sarah says:

    I just found this discussion while Googling 'sudafed', so I tried the suggested remedy as an alternative. It doesn't seem to work for me, and yet strangely I still feel fairly happy...

  • Diana says:

    I searched this because I thought it was weird how my congestion completely stopped when I was masturbating... I'm a girl, so I guess it works for us too?

  • Anonymous says:

    Absolutely this works. I'd been noticing it for years and decided to look it up online and see if it was actually a thing. I've never measured how long it works for, but sometimes the relief is so acute I can actually hear my nasal passages popping open.

  • Frank says:

    I found this site after searching for "runny nose after ejaculation". I noticed that after masturbation, my nose starts to run like a maniac! Thought it to be a very odd thing, but I guess it's not. So, definitely works for me!

  • anon says:

    it worked!!! the relief feels great lol, to bad i work at a Garden, ill have to spank it in the bathroom i guess.

  • Melissa says:

    I'm a girl. It WORKS! I actually found this page because I was curious about this phenomenon, now I know it's not just me.

  • Kyle says:

    I've been doing this for a long time now. ( Couple years )
    I have masturbated when my nose was plugged, and at my orgasm I noticed that it went away for about 5 seconds after it. Every time I get really stuffed up, I just masturbate! πŸ™‚

  • Equity says:

    I'm a woman. When I have a cold, sex clears up my sinuses enough to fall asleep. It clears my headaches, and during "that time of the month", sex gets rid of my cramps. I also noticed that it helped me during my college years when I'd occasionally drink too much and would get the spins. I discovered, (this is only my experience so it may not work for everyone) sex would totally make me feel better and I could get a good night's sleep, instead of feeling the room spin around on me. : )

  • Lindsey says:

    I must say it works. it works longer than for thirty seconds aswell. and it is not just in my head because i had an orgasm then googled if i was on to somthing once my sinsues cleared up significantly

  • [...] feelings of wellbeing, sometimes cures headaches (though it sometimes causes them), and might even help your nasal congestion. And now? Restless leg [...]

  • ellie says:

    I know this is old but i'm compelled to reply, as i googled 'orgasm clear blocked nose' to end up at this page. in answer to your final question YES it does work for women, that's what made me look into it. I just happened to notice. I've had a terrible cold. My partner is away and has been for some weeks so though usually I'm not especially aroused when stuffy and snotty, I was missing him.. so had some fun.. and lo and behold once I 'peaked' my nose was totally clear and it lasted for some time. I did again later once I was suffering again and same again! It totally works ladies.

  • SP says:

    I can help! I'm female and masturbating definitely helps my hayfever congested nose. Close to climax and for some time thereafter, there is a sudden clearing of the nasal airways. Great 2 in 1 πŸ˜‰

  • chris f says:

    wow ---im not even sure how i ended up here but i'm not complaining i'll

    defineatley have to try this "natural " method out --- quick note to all of the ladies it's very hot when u guys talk about clearing of ur sinuses -- lol

  • Lou says:

    I have to agree with Ellie, I googled it as well because I noticed that when I had an orgasm it would relieve my blocked up nose which is due to a bad cold. It lasts longer than 30 seconds, for me i'd say about 5mins, which is I can go downstairs and grab something to eat that I can actually taste! =P

  • Zelda says:

    It worked for about 30 after

  • Alex says:

    The other day, my nose was so stuffed that I could breathe through only one nostril. I tried blowing it, but all I did was pop my ear. The next morning, I was resisting the urge for masturbating, but decided "whatever..." and did it and then my nose started to run. I blew it and a huge wad of snot came out lol

  • [...] – after I did that giving, it was funny how my nose would run like bejesus, and we would laugh – obviously my wires are transposed. Don’t let me blow my [...]

  • Runny says:

    From 30 to 49 now, always get a slightly runny nose after orgasm. The longer I last, the deeper the moment (greater and increasing length of pleasure), well it all leads to an increased severity/duration of nose running. For me its rare that a solo operation will do this. Just not the same. Scorpio for the win. . .

  • Jackie says:

    Yes, it works for us girls as well based on my observations over the past X decades. During foreplay nasal congestion AND chest congestion ease. I have to cough. My Dad had idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Hell ... If he'd had regular sex he might have lived on (happily) another decade maybe. This suggests a whole new kind of healthcare provider .... Or oldest.

  • booger_wood says:

    It is definitely true. My nose is congested most of the time and it opens after ejaculation almost always, although it doesn't stay open for very long. In some rare occasions it stays open for the day.
    So masturbate and remove your boogers, it's worth it, even for a minute.

  • AKS says:

    i get cold that is in the form of allergy (that is running nose and sneezing) almost after masturbation or even if i get night fall.
    I am 100 % sure about it , if i dont do masturbation for say 7 - 10 days then i dont get cold (allergy that is running nose and sneezing) for that period of time .
    Sneezing continouly for 20-25 times is too much to handle for me .
    Allergy last for 2-3 days if i dont take any medicine .
    so i take anti allergy drug and get relive many times. is there any cure for it that is permanent .
    i do heavy weight training everyday 7 days a week and i think this way i get some relive and i am fit and i dont get tried after doing workouts .
    mine age is 29 years and i never involved in sex till now .
    i want to ask if i get married and do sex then also will i get same
    thing, if yes that will be a problem as i cant do much in a week.
    Is there name for this disease or what it is called .

  • Relieved says:

    I noticed shortly after "relieving" myself that I felt relieved as well with my congestion. It was strange because I actually felt the gross runny crap run down the back of my throat immediately after orgasm (way to kill the mood, I know). So, I googled to see if it was normal and here I am.
    I am female and it works πŸ˜‰ Now, depending on how long this cold lasts, I must make a run to the store for some batteries!

  • W Clapp says:

    After an orgasm I sneeze about 6-10 times and eject much mucous no matter how frequent the orgasms. It is a double pleasure. Amazing!!!WFC

  • Spank n Sniff says:

    Known this for years and went looking to see if any studies have been done to use this miracle cure for longer lasting effects.
    Guess I'll have to stick to the Spank n Sniff for a few more years to come...

    Otherwise all the congested people could get together for a swingers type club, open to suggestions for the name - Sinorgy, Decongex....

  • rick says:

    It totally works for me. I got here via a google search looking to see if I was alone on this..

  • Ralph says:

    My wife and I both have nasal or sinus opening or clearing right at orgasm. Been this way for 39 years. Works everytime.

  • jesus fcking christ says:

    Gee orgasm makes you feel better for a moment? Big fucking surprise.

    The only relation between orgasm and sinus is the briefly increased blood circulation for the time it takes to arouse and ejaculate. Then the circulation (pressure and volume) decreases and the sinus pressure returns.

    Emotional warmth doesn't clear your sinuses.


    • Neerav Kothari says:

      I agree with u that it returns but the sinus pressure coming back is only when masturbating, for me. After sex i have relief almost for a day.

  • Tim says:

    For some reason, the opposite happens to me, when I masturbate, my nose totally clogs up, I have no idea why

  • Michael T says:

    Definitely helps! Only for about 30 seconds will I feel full relief. After that I feel much better but still not quite 100%

  • kate says:

    Never tried. I will and see if it helps

  • Andy says:

    Bunch of wankers πŸ˜‰

  • Lost it says:

    I've known this trick and have done it as long as I can remember... If my nose is too stuffy to fall asleep, I give myself a quick orgasm and like magic all clear till morning πŸ™‚

  • Thomas Hall says:

    I actually knew this from experience already...

  • Stuffy says:

    This is why I sneeze after an orgasm. My nose suddenly unstops and the hounds are loosed.

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