My animal is called Vertebrus Maximus!

Sep 29 2008 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

For those who do not know, I have a Significant Other. Otherwise known as Mr. Scicurious-in-training, (Mr. SiT), he is teh awesome. If you have been stunned by my charisma, charm, and general nerditude, you shall have to compete against him, and I don't put odds on your success. As one of the many examples of his greatness, when I got to his place the other day (and after we watched the Presidential debates, which is another aspect of his spectacularity), he revealed a present for me. He got me Spore!!
First, I must confess, I'm not a gaming-type person. I've never understood the lure of Nintendos or computer games. So it was completely surprising how quickly I got hooked.
I've been having a TON of fun making creatures and changing stuff up. But I will say that it's not evolution. I mean, aside of the time frame and stuff like that. More legs don't give you an increase in speed, if you're an herbivore, you really aren't effective no matter what your weaponry, and "charming" other animals to make them your allies is a little...sweet. But it's so much fun!! It's really interesting to work at gaining certain attributes, and working out what you have to sacrifice to get all the attributes you want. On the other hand, I'm not even up to the tribal stage. So I've got much further to go! My personal ambition is to get a society with jetpacks. Or actual winged flight. Anyone know if I can do that? And I would REALLY love to go back to the water and become an aquatic culture.

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