InAdWriMo Updates

Nov 24 2008 Published by under Academia

Yeah, this should have happened on Saturday, but I was, yet again, busy. Ideally, if I can get enough done over the next few days, I can take some time off during Thanksgiving, and Mr. SiT will not be having to bring me pie and coffee while I type and miss Thanksgiving dinner. This would make me very sad indeed.
Papers read: 21/20. Specific aim 1 for InAdWriMo complete. Conclusions: go me.
Paper Draft I: Complete except for the gorram bibliography. 10,000 words (ish).
Paper Draft II: Major stuff needed here, gotta add some thing three extra figures, including their legends, results, and putting the interpretations into the study. Also needs a bibliography.
Paper Draft III: ummm...I don't think this will happen at this point.
And we're back to work. The coffee is making my hands shake all funny...

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