Happy Holly-daze to all!

Dec 22 2008 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

I was GOING to write a really awesome sciency-post today. I was. But then I went to the lab, and then I had to prepare to go out of town, and then...ok, I'll admit I spent about an hour of the time I should have been blogging reading Rowling's "The Tales of Beadle the Bard".
Anyway, as of tomorrow I will be out of town, and I will be in a BARBARIC LAND. A land with...dial-up internet. Really. I think I might start getting the shakes. It might be bad. I'll probably have to go and get an infusion of high-speed wireless. I'll start dreaming of my Google Reader and craving my email. But I think quitting cold turkey for a week will be good for me. Besides, I'm not addicted, I could quit anytime I wanted, and...I"M NOT THE ONE WITH THE PROBLEM! YOU ARE!
I'll be looking forward to a huge binge when I'm back in wireless range.
*ahem*. So I'll be gone. I'll miss you all. And there will still be some of my posts going up because Sci really IS that talented. And since Sci will be unable to scan comments, Evil Monkey will be in charge. Don't mess around. He's very evil. Have you seen those teeth?

Have a wonderful holiday/vacation/time off/it's-really-cold-and-there's-food. And I'll be back. In the meantime, remember the monkey fangs.

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