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First, we have a new Scibling!!! His name is Sciencepunk, and he's got a super fancy new banner and material already awaiting the masses! Check him out!
So I was goofing around the other day, and I came across the original video for this song. I love this song. Who DOESN'T love this song?! Who hasn't headbanged in the car to the rockin' guitar break a la Wayne's World? Being the blogging geek that I am, and inspired by Bora, a lot of coffee, and some donuts (never a good combination), I thought this needed a parody. And now, I share it with you.

"Blogger's Rhapsody"
"Is this the real life,
is it the intertubes
caught in the high speed
no escape from these goddam n00bs
Pause on your keys, look up to your screen and seeeeeeeeeeee
I'm just a blogger, I need no sympathy
Because my posts they come, posts they go, views are high, views are low
Anyway the Digg goes, doesn't really matter to meeeeeeeeeee, to me.
Mama, just banned a troll
I tracked down his damn IP, he just had it out for me
Mama, that post was so gooood,
but he just had to troll it allllll away.
Mama...ooooooh, I really meant to pull him down
His comments had bad grammar and alll
I'll blog on, I'll blog on
'Cause trolls don't really matter
Too late, he brought his friends
my server's overwhelmed, my blogmates know I'm all to blame
goodbye, everybody, I've blocked you now
gotta leave you all behind and blog the truth
Mama....oooooooooh, I don't wanna stop
But I sometimes wish I never had blogged at all
I see a little userpic-o of a troll
he's a douche, he's a douche, can I go on and ban him
Google ads, bad writing, very very fright'ning me
Oh Drugmonkey (Dr. Isis) Physioprof (Pal and Orac), PZ MYERS GREG LADEN
Scienceblogs, ho!!!!!!!!
I'm just a blogger, nobody loves me
He's just a blogger, from the geek blogging scene, spare us your whines you poor lame drama queen
High views come, high views go, will you let me blog
We'll troll you! No! We will not let you blog
(Let him blog!) We'll troll you, we will not let you blog
(Let him blog!) We'll troll you, we will not let you blog
(Let me blog!) will not let you blog
(Let me blog!) will not let you blog (Let me blog!)
no no no no no no, oh overlords of teh blogging, why will not you let me blog
PZ Myers has a forum put aside for meeee, for meee, for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
So you think you hate science and spit in our eyeees
So you think you won't fund us and leave us to dieeeee
NOOOOOO, baby! Can't do this to us, baby!
Just gotta live blog, just gotta get blogging in here.
Trolls don't really matter, anyone can see
Trolls don't really matter, trolls don't really meeeeeeeeeeeee.
(Any way the views go....)"
Hehe. I amuse myself. I would totally perform this karaoke, but ONLY if I got to wear the white satin jumpsuit. If you are all REALLY unlucky, I might make this a weekly thing. I've already got a Britney Spears parody knockin' around in my head somewhere. And I could be bitchin' on those dance moves.

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