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ScienceOnline '09 and some Housekeeping

Jan 18 2009 Published by under Blog Carnivals

And now we're back. The last weekend, Sci spent her time at ScienceOnline '09, the yearly aggregate of science. Every year, the blogging salmon make their way home to spawn, to go to sessions, and, of course, to drink a LOT. It was Sci's first time, and she had a BLAST. I think I spent half my time running up to people and going "EEEEK! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!" Sci was a very happy geek.
The people I met and blogs you may know:
Adventures in Ethics and Science
Abel Pharmboy
Rebecca Skloot
Highly Allochtha...Allocan...Alll...Chris
Greg Laden
The Fairer Science
Cognitive Daily
White Coat Underground
The Flying Trilobite
Thoughts from Kansas
...argh, the list goes on. There were so many!! And they were all so AWESOME!
And this is where we get into housekeeping. I want to update our little blogroll over there, and I want to make sure that everyone who I adore is on it. So if you would like to be on the blogroll, and you're not on it, this is entirely due to Sci being forgetful. Believe me, I want to see you everyday on our little sidebar! So if you want teh link loves, please leave a comment, or send me an email, and there will be a sidebar renovation in the next few days. Similarly, if you find your pre-existing link in the sidebar doesn't work, or goes to the wrong site, or you simply hate me, also leave a comment or an email, and I'll fix it or take it down once I'm done crying in the corner.
And finally, Giants' Shoulders went up just as I left for ScienceOnline! And my post on Korsakoff's Syndrome got in! Check it out, apparently there's something else in there about porn...

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Friday Weird Science: Things you shouldn't do "for kicks"

Jan 16 2009 Published by under Friday Weird Science

Not only are these things you shouldn't do for kicks, but things that you should NEVER EVER have your friends do to you at a bachelor party. Those people are not your friends.
You'd think that, no matter how drunk you were, you wouldn't agree when someone said "Hey, let's see if we can fit this in your penis..." Quin, G, McCarthy. G. "Self insertion of urethal foreign bodies". Journal of Accident and Emergency Medicine, 2000 May; 17(3): 231.
Oof. Really, I'm a girl and I'm crossing my legs over this one...

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Apparently I'm missing things

Jan 15 2009 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

So apparently there's a WHOLE NEW SPARKLY SHINY BLOG on here! I think I'm missing emails from teh overlordz here (did I say overlords? I meant protectors!). But anyway, Dr. Pal, formerly of the fabulous denialism blog, has resurrected his OWN blog, White Coat Underground, here at ScienceBlogs! It's on medical ethics and stuff. It's very cool. You should look at it.
Other things I've been missing include sleep, normal food (dark chocolate M&Ms are the breakfast of champions, or at least the breakfast of grad students, which is totally the same thing), and my sanity. But despite all these things, I'm off into the beyond today to travel to ScienceOnline! I'm totally excited to meet everybody (and I'll be showing off my fabulous new shoes!) And I'm really excited to be presenting a panel on "Web and the History of Science"! If you've ever wondered how I put up those 3,000 word posts, you can find out (it's not as hard as it might look. If it looks easy, it's harder than that). I'll also be hanging around at "Transitions - changing your online persona as your real life changes" with Sciencewoman and Propterdoc.
And here's hoping I get there in one piece. Sci is navigationally challenged, to say the least. If there is a way to get lost, I WILL find it. And judging from the last few times I've traveled around in the South, asking directions will be interesting. Units of distance include things like "a bit", and "a ways" (which is longer than "a bit", but shorter than "a distance"), and directions are things like "turn right at the red barn" (the South is FULL of red barns. WHICH ONE?!), and "turn left when you come to the cow pasture" (yet again, WHICH ONE!?). In Google Maps I trust.

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Life as a Guinea Pig: The Pain Study

Jan 15 2009 Published by under Neuroscience

Over my years as a grad student, I've been a guinea pig for more than a few research studies. Most of the people leading the studies are fellow grad students (I'm never involved with the work at all), and it's good to help them out. A lot of times the studies are kind of cool (like that one with caffeine and the brain). And Sci has a dream. One day, I really want to see a picture of MY BRAIN in an fMRI scan on the cover of Science. Ok, I won't be too picky. I'll take J. Neuroscience. Honestly, I'd probably take Brain Research. Seriously, that would make me so geekily proud. I would ask for a copy, and get it printed out big, and frame it on my wall. "THIS is your brain on SCIENCE!"
But I'll admit, I'd probably participate a lot less if I didn't get paid. I know, I know, I'm bad. I shouldn't sell myself to science for money. But we grad students are poor. My cat needs food, and I really prefer to feed my little carnivore food that doesn't contain corn as the first ingredient. I also like eating healthy food once in a while. So I volunteer. These are not clinical trials for drugs or anything. Instead, these are basic research studies where they need human volunteers to see how the brain and body works.
And then of course, there's the certain amount of machismo. And that's where the get to my current study, which my fellow grad student has graciously given me permission to blog. The pain study.

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The Neuroscience Abounds!

Jan 14 2009 Published by under Addiction, Neuroscience

I'll admit, life's been crazy around here. Barely enough time to check the blogs what with prepping for ScienceOnline '09 (Everyone come to my Blogging on the History of Science panel!), prepping everything in the lab so the lab continues to run while I'm AT ScienceOnline '09, and keeping the hot science running on a day-to-day basis. But there has been some GREAT stuff around the past few days:
A rundown of the stuff behind the cut:
1) I've never read Darwin.
2) Drugmonkey rocks my socks.
3) Mo at Neurophilosophy needs a hug.
4) Love is BAD. Stay away from it. It's the new sexually transmitted disease.
5) JLK and cognitive neuroscience.
6) drdrA teaches Sci to write a decent sentence. She will boldly split infinitives that have never been split before.
If you REALLY want to know what this is all about, you should probably look behind the cut. 🙂 MADE YOU LOOK!

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Korsakoff's Psychic Disorder in Conjunction with Peripheral Neuritis

Jan 13 2009 Published by under Addiction

Does the name Korsakoff ring any bells for you? How about Wernicke? And what about Wernicke-Korsakoff? Ok, it may not mean much to you right now (except as a hyphenated name guaranteed to give some poor kid fits when they have to fill in the bubbles on the SAT), but after today, I hope it does. Because if you're an alcoholic, Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome is something that could happen to you.
First of all, what IS Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome (and I'd better come up with a good abbreviation for this, because writing that over and over is going to kill my poor fingers. We're going to call it W-K Syndrome, m'kay)? Korsakoff, S.S. (1889) Psychic Disorder in Conjunction with Multiple Neuritis. (English translation with commentary). Neurology, 1955, 5: 394-406.

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Ooh, Shiny New Publishing Platform

Jan 12 2009 Published by under Uncategorized

Unlike other bloggers who apparently sat in corners with their laptops, rocking back and forth and hitting refresh over and over again, Sci only did that a FEW times (and it's really only because she's sadly addicted to things like her email). More importantly, Sci spent her weekend with Mr. SiT, building her very first computer! Yes, even my weekends AWAY from the blog are geeky.
Because it's my very first computer I've built, it's a baby, not suitable for gaming, but plenty good for Word Processing, surfing the internets, and other functions of people who only have minor computer-related obsessions. The specs:

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Jan 09 2009 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

As I'm sure you guys have heard from the other SBlings, the site is going dormant for a bit while we upgrade to a better publishing platform. You'll still be able to see the posts, but no new posts will go up, and commenting will be down. This means you MUST COMMENT NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE.
Or at least hold your peace until it comes back up sometime this weekend. And then things will be all better and Sci will be happy because it will be like blogging on WordPress again with the new format. Oooh, I should see if they have a spellchecker...
Awwww...don't cry. It's ok! You'll make it! I know a weekend without scienceblogs is hard, but hey, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? It'll build character! Be strong! I know a lot of people are blogging over at Comrade PhysioProf's page, and probably even more are retreating to their old haunts. And you'll still be able to SEE the posts, it'll just be Scienceblogs on life support or something.
And you know, you could always try doing something...not on Scienceblogs. Make like Sci, curl up with Moose Much and the latest issue of your favorite journal. Or a book. Or your cat. Or your data, you know, whatever tickles your pickle.

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Friday Weird Science: The Horrors and Pain of...the Bra-Strap Injury

Jan 09 2009 Published by under Friday Weird Science

Every once in a while, when I look at the lit, I'm truly amazed by the things people report in. This one didn't even need any playing with the title. It's just too good. Rose, et al. "The bra-strap injury: should men have lessons?" British Journal of Plastic Surgery, 2001.
This post shall otherwise be known as "Sci's explanation on how to get off a girl's bra while avoiding possible pain and injury. It even works through a sweater."

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Pregnant? Still drinking that pot of coffee?

Jan 07 2009 Published by under Physiology/Pharmacology

As all y'all know by now, I'm an experienced caffeine junkie. Currently, I'm trying to forgo it again (this Diet Coke right here is merely an aberration, do not look at the caffeine behind the curtain...). But really, it's everywhere around us. Somehow I don't think it was QUITE so prevalent until the age of Starbucks. but it seems like now you can't go anywhere without running into a coffee shop or three. In some cities there is literally one on every street corner. And with the crazy lives we all appear to be living these days, shouldn't we take whatever legal cognitive enhancement we can get our hands on?
And heck, with a Starbucks on every streetcorner, what's a poor lady who is...*ahem*...increasing (for those not familiar with the Victorian term, it means preggers), to do? Some of us spend our lives pretty well addicted, but when a women in the US finds out she is pregnant, she is immediately to drop to no more than one caffeinated beverage a day. And 70% of expectant mothers apparently don't even do that. So the big question is: is our children caffeinated? Bjorklund et al. "Perinatal Caffeine, Acting on Maternal Adenosine A1 Receptors, Causes Long-Lasting Behavioral Changes in Mouse Offspring" PLoS ONE, 2008.

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