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Mar 19 2009 Published by under Activism

First off, the survey on condom breakage is officially CLOSED. Results will be posted tomorrow. You KNOW you're curious about this one!
Secondly, A Blog Around the Clock has the latest buttons for OpenLab submissions! Please head over and vote for your favorites! Not only that, a whole boatload of submissions have ALREADY come in for OpenLab 2009! I'm including a current list below the fold. You will note that there is only ONE Neurotopia post on there. *sniff* FINE. DON'T CARE ABOUT ME. I see how it is. I'll be fine. I'll just be in my kitchen with my head in the oven...

Anyway, you can find the current stuff below the fold. If you want to relieve the guilt trip, I just gave you, submit here.
Finally, The lovely Dr. Isis...

(Hey, if you're going to introduce Dr. Isis, you must do it with hot shoes)...anyway, Dr. Isis is funding an award for undergraduate research excellence! And she's doing it through her blog. She will donate her earnings from her blog views, and the American Physiological Association will match what she earns over the next 30 days. The final award will be presented at the Experimental Biology meeting to the undergraduate woman who submits the best abstract. This is an awesome idea, but to fund it, she needs to to CLICK. Click on her blog. Do it early, and do it often! With your help, she could present an award of $1,000 to an up-and-coming, hot young science lady. Get Clickin', 'little chickens'!
And now, the current submissions to OpenLab 2009:

A Blog Around The Clock: Circadian Rhythm of Aggression in Crayfish
A Blog Around The Clock: Co-Researching spaces for Freelance Scientists?
A Blog Around The Clock: The Shock Value of Science Blogs
a k8, a cat, a mission: Moms asking for help
a k8, a cat, a mission: What does good mentorship look like?
a k8, a cat, a mission: Praise and Appreciation
a k8, a cat, a mission: Proximate mechanisms
a k8, a cat, a mission: The lives of women in science
Biochemical Soul: Darwin and the Heart of Evolution
Brontossauros em meu Jardim: Navigation is required*: the incredible case of the desert ant
Coyote Crossing: Spermophilus
Expression Patterns: A Squishy Topic
Highly Allochthonous: Is the Earth's magnetic field about to flip?
Island of Doubt: Sea level rise a red herring?
Masks of Eris: Mathematics instruction as a fish
Mind the Gap: In which I ponder economies of scale
Mind the Gap: In which I tend a strange garden
Mind the Gap: In which I ramp up
Neurophilosophy: Amnesia in the movies
Neurophilosophy: Brain & behaviour of dinosaurs
Neurotopia: The Value of Stupidity: are we doing it right?
Prerogative of Harlots: He Blinded Me With Science
The Primate Diaries: The Nature of Partisan Politics
The Scientist: On the nature of faith: Part 1
The Scientist: On the last days
The Scientist: On the passing of reprints
The Scientist: On saying goodbye
The Scientist: Ontology
The Scientist: Ontology #2
The Scientist: On winding down
The Scientist: On the weekend
The Scientist: On small victories
The Scientist: On the nature of networking: reprise
The Scientist: Grey Council
The Scientist: On interfaces
The Scientist: Coincidental Chemistry
The Scientist: On the Future
The Scientist: The year of living dangerously--Part 1
The Scientist: The year of living dangerously--Part 2
The Scientist: The year of living dangerously--Finale
The Scientist: What I want to do when I grow up
The Scientist: Inspiration
The Scientist: In which I watch the Watchmen, and land a new job
Song for jasmine: Charles Darwin's first theory of evolution
Stripped Science: The right pairing (comic strip)
Suppertime Sonnets: In Which I Celebrate A Certain Member of the Lycaenidae Family (poem)
Ways.org: The journal scope in focus -- putting scholarly communication in context
Why Science: Beautiful and essential

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