Sci Returns, complete with Swine Flu!

Apr 27 2009 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

Sci's been away for a few days. Life has been stressful, and Sci has been more than usually unmotivated. It ain't pretty. Sci is still in the lab. She is very hungry. But she will pick herself up. Nose to the grindstone, and all that. Sci is BACK on the INTERNETS! And she brought you some swine flu! Delicious.

Sci will admit that she was afraid until this afternoon to look at her Google Reader. Well she should be. 400 posts unread. I whimpered in fear, but attacked it nonetheless. And there is a PILE. Most particularly, a pile of pigs. Sci will admit she knows very little about swine flu, but here is a list of the links she will be reading:

Effect Measure
, where the fantastic revere has been posting like mad on swine flu. Always well written and clear.
Aetiology, where the excellent Tara is posting about swine flu. She's an expert in epidemiology, she knows what she's talkin' bout. I recommend this one in particular if you want an introduction.
White Coat Underground, where Dr. Pal has been discussing the healthcare end of the situation. Though really, Dr. Pal, your tweets (twits? twitters?), are scaring me.
And the Corpus Callosum, which has a great explanation of what pandemic alert levels mean.
And now, for something completely different:In the realm of getting PhDs and what people are doing with them, Sciencewoman posted something good (though frightening to one who will soon be kicked out of the Ivory tower on her little scientist-butt) on the fact of PhDs, while Leigh has formulated revolutionary new ideas about the physics of getting your professors to meet with you.
While the physics explanation is reasonable, I personally think that all tenure-track faculty receive invisibility cloaks with their appointments. When their office appears empty, they might BE THERE, merrily doing something other than talking to you.
Alternatively, I think that I would try the Heisenberg faculty principle, meaning that you cannot know both whether the faculty member can meet with you and how soon they will come up with a conflict for an already-scheduled meeting.'s back to work for Sci. These chemicals, they don't make themselves. But she is sooooooo hungry...

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