In which there is Controversy

Jul 17 2009 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

Sci will admit, she pretty much went all this week without opening her RSS feed. Bad Sci, Bad!!! Priorities!
And thus it turns out I missed the latest edition of the Giant's Shoulders! Sci feels like a right idiot, because it means that she posted her OWN Giant's Shoulders post two days late. Ah well, next time. But this is the one-year anniversary, and you should totally check it out!!!
Second, remember Phineas Gage? Well now, there's a face to put with a name! There is now a daguerreotype of the man himself, complete with tamping iron. Quite a handsome guy, if it weren't for the whole huge personality change that went with the brain damage...
And as you all might know, there's a massive series of debates going on about Unscientific America. Sci personally recommends the really good discussions going on over at Chad and Janet's places. Good discussions on the real point the book was trying to make. Also some good points over at DrugMonkey.
And finally, a great post over at Good Math, Bad Math. I hear you, Mark. I'm going no where near my high school reunions.
OOOH OHHHH!!!!! WAIT! SWIMMING LIZARDS!! Really! Check out the video.

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