Help Others, Help Ethan Shave his Head!

Jul 19 2009 Published by under Activism

I know in these rough recessional times, it's tough to give. After all, you NEED that. Nobody has any time, and for Sci, $10 is the difference between whether or not I get any produce for the week. If it weren't for the blog (yay, Doctors Without Borders!) Sci might not be able to give at all. w00t for blogging.
But now, we have some incentive. If you give either $10 or four hours of time to a charity of your choice, and there are 100 of you, Ethan will shave his head. That's right, this guy:
That's a lot of hair, and he's had it for a while. I can tell you, it's a wrench to give up that kind of hair. Sci has cut off several feet of hair several times, and won't mind telling you that the first time she did it, and 3 feet of braids flopped on the floor in front of her, she cried like a baby. The second time wasn't so hard (knowing it's going to charity makes it better), and the third time is coming up as soon as the dang stuff grows a few more inches.
So Sci supports seeing Ethan's hair go. He's donated it before, and he'll do it again! With PICTURES!!! So go donate! Do it NOW! You have to mention in the comments where you're giving it (your choice) and why.
As Sci does not have $10, she will be giving four hours of time to her MRUs Campus Kitchen next weekend. They take the extra food and components from campus food, and deliver and donate it to those in need. Sci's Uni has some very poor areas around it, and many of those who are in need of food are also suffering addictions and psychiatric disorders, for which they cannot afford help. So while Sci looks for cures, she can take some time and make them a meal or two as well.
And I don't think it'll be long before that hair goes. Keep checking back for pics!

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