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This is partially a reminder to myself that August Scientiae is looking for posts. This month's is going to be at Terra Sigillata, and theme is "Summer days, driftin' away" Sci finds it completely impossible to see that phrase without completing the song in her head, and without thinking how DUMB it is that Sandy ends up smoking and has awful hair because Danny has to date somebody "cool". Grrr. But anyway, you should totally submit or write up some posts!!
Secondly, there's a great post over at FemaleScienceProfessor on women in science. I have run into comments like this myself, where a woman makes a decision, and this is seen as proving that "women shouldn't be in science". When in fact a woman, say, leaving for a better institution is GOOD for her and good for science. Great post.
And Isis has a good post on being a PI and prioritizing. Sci wishes she had gotten this kind of honest input when she was a wee grad student. It's often hard when your PI blows off 5 meetings in a row, to realize that it's not YOU, and that they have big priorities. And it doesn't stop you wanting to be their top priority. But of course, one of the consequences of working for a big name is knowing they won't always be around. And that, at any given time, you probably aren't even in the top 5 of their priority list.
Of course, you don't always need your PI breathing down your neck to motivate you. I want to take Janet's 12 reasons for writing a dissertation and put it on my wall. Might help me....get started on that.
Drugmonkey has some really good thoughts up on students blogging in the lab. This means students blogging ABOUT the lab (not blogging on random stuff in the lab when they should be doing research...coughcough...). It's some good concerns.
And in case you missed it, Ethan is shaving his head for charity. More than that, he's WAXING HIS CHEST. Way to put it all out there, Ethan. He also recommends a whole bunch of charities that he thinks are great ways to donate to help get his...head shaved. Or his chest shaved. Or whatever. He recommends heifer internationaI, a great organization dedicated to giving families in need farm animals, and thus helping them get themselves out of poverty. I'm a huge fan of this organization, and even though you may not be able to afford a...heifer...$20 will buy you a little group of chicks or ducks. Good stuff. And he also recommends Doctors without Borders! Good stuff.
And there's been an interview with Bora about Open Lab. Way to put on the pressure...I guess I better get started on that...

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  • leigh says:

    reasons i'm srsly relieved to be done writing my dissertation:
    1. i'll never have to do it again!!1!!11!!
    oh, and
    2. i can't defend what isn't written. no defense, no degree, no escape.
    3. what Janet said.

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