Poem of the Day: #5

Aug 06 2009 Published by under Terrible Poetry

To dopamine

I. O fair dopamine
wondrous molecule, so cool
even gets you high.
II. Reward, punishment
in dopamine highs and lows
a complete package
III. Tasty dopamine
the umami of my brain
why can't you hate carbs?
IV. Feel the pleasure and
the pain, wrong motivation
dopamine, habit
V. "Neurotransmission"
sad how these long science words
will ruin haikus

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  • Cuttlefish says:

    Hopefully, dopefully,
    curious scientists
    get all excited to
    look at a nerve;
    Somewhat ironic, their
    pathways light up--that's
    the function they serve!
    Vervily, nervily
    research biologists
    see information, where
    others see goo;
    Looking for keys to some
    Parkinson's, Alzheimer's,
    maybe Love, too.

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