Poem of the Day: #6

Aug 08 2009 Published by under Terrible Poetry

The following poem is dedicated to my labmate, post-doc, and colleague. You know who you are.
How cruel my labmate yesterday
Upon my computer screen
played dance music, bad 80's style
"YOU BEEN RICKROLL'D!" he screamed.
At first I laughed, 'twas no big thing
And the dancing was funny and wry
but now I find, dangit, Rick's on my mind
My labmate was too sly.
So if to you rickroll appears,
Beware, it's untimely curse
All crazy now, it haunts my dreams
My own horror universe.

You been Rickroll'd!
Sings..."never gonna give you up, never gonna let you doooown..."

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  • Coturnix says:


  • I saw it coming and you still got me... ARRRRGHGHGH!

  • Love the way he dances, there's something very non-threatening about it. The last thing I watched on You Tube was Un Chien Andalou, a surrealist movie made by Dali full of WTFness. Being RickRoll'd makes me feel better.

  • Zuska says:

    Ah, I don't mind being rickrolled...when I was in grad school I actually owned Rick's cd and used to play it all the time and sing along with all the songs. It was a great form of stress release. Rick promised undying love and romantic companionship, which was more than I was getting in my relationship at the time.
    Perhaps I should have signed this comment "Anonymous". Heh.

  • Maldoror says:

    Un Chien Andalou was directed by Luis Bunuel, not Dali, but he and Dali wrote the script together.

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