Blogs Worthy of Note: Edition 1

Sep 17 2009 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

Sci's been seeing some things lately, wherein people talk about their favorite science writers/bloggers. In fact, Sci was lucky enough to be one someone's short list!!! And I think it's a great idea to recognize bloggers who have influenced us, or who are just simply great, especially if they are out of our area of expertise.
And so, today Sci will begin her short list. She begins it with this guy:

This is Ed Yong, of Not Exactly Rocket Science. Ed is, in my estimation, one of the DAMN FINEST science bloggers out there right now. When Sci first started blogging, she ran across one of Ed's posts first thing. And I was inspired. I wanted to do THAT. To get science across on subjects that might be considered "difficult" to those outside the field, and to get it across in as simple a way as possible. Obviously, I wanted to do it for neuroscience, because it's what I'm passionate about. And I want people to understand neuroscience and pharmacology because this isn't just cool things about the world. It's the pills you take EVERY DAY, the people you see on the street, the diagnosis you got for your child. This stuff is important, and sure, it's not easy, but if you explain it right, ANYONE can understand. And when you understand, you can act in the best way for your health. It was Ed who made me think writing like this would be possible.
And Ed still inspires me. I don't know how that kid DOES IT. Every day. On the dot. New science, on every subject, well explained. I bet he never sleeps. He's got it all, a great voice, a wonderful understanding, and some crazy prolific-ness. Who wouldn't be inspired?
So you should check him out. Read up. You will learn every day, cool stuff, weird stuff, and stuff that you can understand without being a rocket scientist or neurosurgeon. And to Ed, keep on bloggin'. You're an inspiration to us all. <3.
(PS: Also, he sent me sound-blocking headphones in the mail once so I could work in peace. So I'll admit I'm not totally unbiased.)

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  • Max says:

    I completely agree. Many of the blogs here spent a lot of time talking about things related to science or going off on tangents (not saying that that's wrong, but it's not what I primarily come here for). Ed is someone I can rely on to always give me a science fix.

  • Lab Rat says:

    Ed was the reason I started science-blogging as well. He was the first person to show me that you could take actual scientific papers and turn them into easily understandible English. It pretty much inspired me 😀

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