Scientia Pro Publica is out!

Sep 22 2009 Published by under Blog Carnivals

It actually came out yesterday, but Sci was crazy busy doing awesome sciency things. I would say I looked a lot like this:

But anyway, Scientia Pro Publica is up at Lab Rat. We're in it, and there's a cool thing on sperm wars from Mauka to Makai. And there's a post on the possible psychiatric illness of Salvador Dali. What, you thought those dripping watches were NORMAL?
Check it out!

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  • Jason Dick says:

    Girl Genius! Yes! That comic is just fantastic 🙂
    Other comics no self-respecting geek/nerd should fail to read: xkcd, SMBC, Piled Higher and Deeper, and if you were ever into D&D, Order of the Stick. There are other great ones, of course, but I don't feel like taking up too much comment space for that!

  • cicely says:

    Heck, even if steampunk leaves you cold (as it does me), start reading. Because Girl Genius is 100% composed of Awesome.
    And all the comics mentioned by Jason Dick are also terrific, especially Order of the Stick (99.9% Awesomeness Quotient).

  • SimonG says:

    Another really good (IMO) Mad Science web-comic is Narbonic;
    Skin Horse is also pretty good, (both written by Shanon Garrity).

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