Blogs Worth of Note: Edition 6

Oct 22 2009 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

Now that all the COMPLETE CRAZINESS of SFN is over (IT WAS SO CRAZY), Sci is a little free to, well, not relax, but do the 50 million things she was supposed to be doing while she was at SFN...ugh...
Anyway, today's blog pick emphasizes this predicament somewhat:
ISIS, the Domestic and Laboratory GODDESS!
Really. No matter how much I think I have on my plate, or how much I need to catch up on, or how little sleep I'm getting, this little muffin (I am pumpkin flavored with chocolate chips) is nothing to the goddess. She is a living, blogging testimony that a woman in science really CAN have it all. A family, a killer scientific career, many many pairs of amazing shoes, and a fine sense of humor. She dispenses valuable advice on everything from fashion to your future, and the goddess is generous and kind in her commitment to causes, including founding her own scientific Award, and giving lots of money to Donor's Choose (which you should TOTALLY donate to, btw).
In sum, Isis is what Sci is going to be when she grows up. Much better than a princess, lots of science, and better shoes. Sci thinks that when she becomes Isis she might be wearing these:

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  • Mark Loch says:

    Like your blog. Most always interesting and often funny. Dr. Isis reminds me of my wife: Ph.D, very successful career, great Mom, wonderful spouse. We both spend time mentoring younger professionals, although she does it much better than I.
    Keep up the great contributions and good luck in your pursuit of the doctorate.

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