Oxytocin PSA

Nov 15 2009 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

Sci was totally going to blog the effects of oxytocin in men tonight. Unfortunately, she has recently been stricken by a migraine of rather impressive proportions. Under such conditions, she has no ability to focus on things like brightly lit screens, cannot make herself understand anything more complicated than monosyllabic concepts like "ouch", and is decidedly Un-funny. She will be lying with a pile of frozen veggies on her head and Sci-cat in the illness position on her feet until further notice.
In the meantime, submit to Open Lab. You have only a few more weeks! And Sci wants to see all of your science hotness.

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  • DD says:

    Hope this helps: "Not all that its cracked up to be"
    I was surprised to find that vasopressin is both a pair binder thingee and a water regulation thingee. (sorry for the technical words).

  • IanW says:

    "...she has no ability to focus on things like brightly lit screens..."
    This is why you need to get the impants so you can blog your brain directly to your computer....
    Get well soon!

  • Art says:

    Hang in there. Don't let the bastards get you down.

  • MattC says:

    Just curious: Have you experienced migraines in the past or is this something new?

  • daedalus2u says:

    What you need is more nitric oxide. Migraines are the pain associated with the triggering of ischemic preconditioning in the brain. That triggering occurs due to oxidative stress, low ATP, excitotoxicity, and similar type things. All of them are made worse by low nitric oxide, and it is an increase in NO that will stop it.
    I have a write-up that discusses it on my blog, the link to it is on my nym.
    Eating things high in nitrate like green leafy vegetables might help. Beet juice is high in nitrate too. Cold will likely make it worse.

  • Scicurious says:

    Thanks everyone, getting better.
    Matt: yeah, I get 'em every once in a while. Been having them for years.

  • Who's Yer Daddy says:

    She comes by them migraines honestly, having received them from both sides of the family....

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