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Nov 30 2009 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

Sci hopes that all of you had a truly fantastic Thanksgiving. Sci's family Thanksgiving was awesome as usual, and this year featured FOUR KINDS of pie. None of them your regular pumpkin, because we're CRAZY like that. Sci's contribution this year was a purple sweet potato pie. Really really.
Anyway, Sci has returned! And then spent ALL day today organizing things for the upcoming Open Lab deadline. Oh yes. We're getting close to 700 posts, and the deadline is December 1 at Midnight EST! So submit early, submit often. Submit your own stuff, Sci swears she will not mock you for it in public.
Please don't submit anything that relies wholly on video or pictures that we can't use in dead tree format.

(Click on that one for the submission form)
And so, Sci sends regrets that there will be no post today. There might not be one Wednesday, either, this is taking a pretty insane amount of time and coffee. LOTS of coffee. So forgive the temporary radio silence.
In the meantime, I offer unto the masses this kitten:

And the purple sweet potato pie recipe is below the fold.

Purple Sweet Potato Pie:
You will need:
1 jar purple sweet potato butter. Very tasty on it's own, but also good for a pie.
2 eggs
5 oz condensed milk
1 tbsp flour
Pie crust (make your own or whatever, Sci bought a whole grain one)
Mix together all the ingredients but the pie crust, because that would be very awkward. Pour into pie crust. Bake at 350 for 50-60 min until knife comes out clean.
Next try, at the request of my cousin, will be a swirled regular and purple sweet potato pie, which we will then serve during the VT/UVA game.


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