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Normally Sci wouldn't bother with weird science until Friday (the rest of the week is reserved for ACTUAL science, you know. And terrible poetry, of course), but this is just too good. And there's no actual paper on it. So it's Tuesday Weird Journalistic Science...or something. So we're going to have to be...premature.
Premature Ejaculation: Marketing the Condition Before the Drug
*sits down, looks very concerned, and lowers glasses in a very sympathetic sort of manner *
Men, did you ever worry that you were...premature? you do now!

And that's the thing with some of these drugs, especially those for things like premature ejaculation. First thing the people marketing it have to do is convince you that you have a problem. And BOY, do you have a PROBLEM!!! I mean, if you're not pleasing your partner for AT LEAST a full 30 minutes of straight up sexual intercourse before it's all over well...feel inadequate yet?
If you do, you wouldn't be alone. After all, the straight up sexual intercourse time to ejaculation on average is only 5.4 minutes. Interestingly, sex therapists seem to think that the best time to ejaculation should be 7-13 minutes (one begins to wonder who exactly has unreasonable expectations). Does that mean all men are premature? Heck no. Does it mean that we can make you THINK so? But of course!
Now, Sci isn't being all down on the pharma industry (though sometimes she is). We all have to make a living somehow, and we all have to make much needed drugs somehow. If we all waited for poorly paid grad students to synthesize all of our medication...we'd be here a long time. I can only work so much, people. Sci is very odd when she doesn't sleep. But marketing a drug before it's approved, and aiming it people who may not actually have a condition anyway...
But anyway. Back to premature ejaculation. The current news coverage is focused on a drug up for FDA approval known as PSD 502 (because it doesn't have a market name yet, but there are some studies showing preliminary effectiveness). PSD 502 is a topical treatment for premature ejaculation, composed of lidocaine and prilocaine. Should those names seem familiar to you, it's because they are both well known topical anesthetics, like you get sometimes at the dentist. The idea (pretty well founded) is that premature ejaculation is caused by excessively penile sensitivity, and therefore a light anesthetic will make it feel less great and therefore make you last longer.
Sci isn't so sure about whether you'd want to be putting a topical anesthetic on your penis, but desperate times...also, the only other treatment which has been developed (but got rejected by the FDA) is based on selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, used commonly as antidepressants, and which have well known side effects of reduced libido and delayed ejaculation. However, that does mean taking a pill which affects your central nervous system, and that's a pretty big deal, and is associated with other side effects. So topical anesthetics may be a better answer, and might end up being associated with fewer side effects, though future studies will still have to bear this out.
However, no approval from the FDA yet. So perhaps they shouldn't have already launched a website, with lots of details about premature ejaculation (of course it's hard to market something with a stigma, but I also think this would make some people all the more eager to buy). Could we call this reaction...premature?

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  • Donna B. says:

    This seems self-defeating because would there not be a numbing residue then deposited on the partner?
    Though "partner satisfaction" was measured, my question wasn't exactly answered by anything I could find on the website (which directs back to the company's main website now)
    The factsheet on premature ejaculation is gone too... wonder why?

  • Rob Monkey says:

    Personally, I think my ejaculations occur at exactly the right time 😉 Really I think Playboy and other porn sources should start advocating their products as premature ejaculation treatment/prostate health insurance, probably works better than putting what sounds like sunburn treatment on your junk. And have none of these guys heard of a condom? Doing math problems in your head? Baseball? Imagining Laura Bush in a bikini?

  • But Donna, the partner's satisfaction is only secondary to the guy feeling like more of a stud for being able to go at it for longer. Yes, yes, that's *supposed* to satisfy the partner but in reality probably does more for his ego, and that's what *really* matters. Yay patriarchy! /eyeroll
    In all seriousness though, you bring up a good point. Ain't no lidocaine gettin' anywhere near my junk, because, no, numb lady bits = no fun. 🙁

  • Scicurious says:

    Mr. SiT informs me that "extended pleasure" condoms apparently have lidocaine in them. I guess that would be the best scenario, keep it away from the lady bits. I attempted to look it up, but apparently Trojan isn't spilling the beans on their "special ingredient". Amusingly though, one of the first reviews I read, the guy complained of numbness...hehehe...

  • FiSH says:

    Hey, condoms are regulated by the FDA so shouldn't Trojan have to admit if they are putting a drug on the end of my penis? I mean, that's something I'd want to know. And, I've never done this of course, but what happens if I put it on backwards?

  • muhr says:

    some guys use chloraseptic spray to delay ejaculating. it has an anesthetic ingredient.
    i can see that premature ejaculation can be embarrassing, but why not just go again after the 2nd erection?

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