Sci returns from SciOnline 2010

Jan 18 2010 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

So Sci was at Science Online 2010 this weekend. She had a fabulous time with all her bloggy friends, and has come back more motivated to blog the science (especially since Carl Zimmer made gratuitous reference to duck penises. That's a man after Sci's own little heart).
I cannot even mention all the fabulous people I got to hang out with. Sci finally got to meet the famous ED of Not Exactly Rocket Science (he is so lovely, I want him to be my nerd-brother!), Nerdy Christie of Observations of a Nerd (who I only barely got to see), DeLene of Wild Muse (who I ALSO barely got to see!), and many many others. I got to hang with Laelaps and Mrs. Laelaps, the charming and lovely Arikia, the amazing Isis, the awesome Zuska, the dynamic duo of Highly Allocthonous, John McKay and his ADORABLE mammoth, Science goddess (I actually got to meet two!), the fabulous Miriam of the Oyster's Garter (we need to hang out more, nice tights! Also, nice trilobite!), KEVIN of Deep Sea News (WOOOOO), Andrew of Southern Fried Science, Sheril and Chris of the Intersection, the ever-lovely Rebecca Skloot (I cannot WAIT to read her book!), Dr. Pal, my fav MD ever, Janet of Adventures in Ethics and Science in all of her wisdom, Stephanie Z of Almost Diamonds (awesome book chat, m'lady!), Blake Stacey, his handsome hat and cane, and his witty conversation, Greg Gbur and his lady (btw, Mrs. Gbur, the tights you wore to the banquet were FIERCE), and, and and....THERE WERE SO MANY AWESOME PEOPLE THERE. Really.
OH OH! I got one of these!!!
evolvems scio10.jpg
(Pic via @tweetingkat, who is great that way)
The one on the left is Sci's, he is coelacanth on the way to icthyostega (His name is Henry. Both of him). The one on the right is Ed's, devolving (apparently) from a squalodon to a pakicetus. Sadly we did not get one with Laelaps, so we'd have three in all their glory. Next time!! Sci has decided that Henry must accompany her to all blogging meetups as her pictoral representative. Sci's feet are the same lovely shade of blue.
Unfortunately, Sci also contracted the cold of the century. It laid her low for the entirety of the conference, and she's afraid she's spread it a little. She MAY have spread it to Ed by accident, and she is SO SORRY. She's miserable and doesn't want Ed to be, and also, she's afraid that if Ed is miserable, Mrs. Yong will fly across the Atlantic and beat her up for transmitting disease (please don't hurt me! I'm totally sick and miserable too,and I was washing my hands and carrying sanitizer and kleenex and coughing into my elbow and everything!).
So much thanks to Bora and Anton and Dr. Kroll (hope you feel better soon!!) and all the organizers! It was amazing, but now Sci has to...go collapse. Scicurious will return scicuriously later in the week, hopefully when this cold is kicked.

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