Research Blogging Awards!

Jan 19 2010 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

As I find out through Nerdy Christie (who appears to know this stuff always before I do), Research Blogging, the website that aggregates posts which blog on peer-reviewed research, is giving out AWARDS! Awards for SCIENCE! They will be giving out awards in various categories (including funniest and neuroscience, btw) to bloggers who are nominated for the awesomest science blogging.
So you should go nominate your favorite blogs! You should do it now! You should then vote for your favorites.
*insert mind-messing music that will make you hear my thoughts and obey*
You shall nominate SCI...for truly her research blogging is both funny and neuroscientific, and is therefore extreme. Sci does not dare to dream for BEST science blog, but funniest is totally doable, right?? Hear the truth of what Sci sayeth this day, and clicketh ye over unto the research blogging site, for verily I say unto you, Sci will be pleased.
*end music*
So anyway. Go there! Nominate and vote for your favorite blogs, and promote research blogging!

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