Are you celebrating yet??

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There are three points that are Important in this post:
1) Today is the Best Day of the Year. Not yesterday. Yesterday was just Valentine's Day. TODAY is the day that all the Valentine's Day chocolate goes on sale. I hope that you are all celebrating appropriately. I assure you Sci is doing her best. Those little mini-Snickers are SO MINE. Also Reese's. Also possibly things with cherries in them. And truffles. LOTS of truffles.
2) Over the weekend, Neurotopia passed 1,000,000 hits!!! We're a little blog, and so we are very proud of hitting our big mile marker! It's an even better excuse to go buy chocolate.
3) However, Sci's computer...has a virus. A big one. It has put pr0ns all over her computer (srsly, I have no idea how I got it, but I blame taking off the moderate safe search to find images of "baboon syndrome". The things I do for you people...). Until the dang thing is reformatted and reinstalled, she is...helpless. It's a measure of how addicted to the internet Sci is that she has been CLIMBING THE WALLS all day without her computer. Grrr. Here's hoping it's fixed soon, and Sci will then return, triumphant over the pr0ns. But it's still a good excuse to go and buy some chocolate. For comfort purposes, of course.

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  • anon says:

    you should check your thumb drives if you've got them. there's a fun bit of malware that gets installed if autoplay is on and an infected drive plugged in. it randomly brings on the pr0n. and turn off autoplay before you hit up any conferences.

  • jc says:

    You are a woman after my own heart truffles.
    A million hits calls for a million mini-Snickers!

  • anwar says:

    Yeah, sure, blame the baboons 😉

  • Scicurious says:

    Thanks for the concern, y'all! Sci's computer is fixed, it was a malware thing and we didn't have to reinstall (THANK GOODNESS, I would have lost all the seasons of the Tudors and that would have been SO TRAGIC).
    Also, I am now in possession of truly vast amounts of chocolate. Those Snicker's minis never had a chance.

  • RSG says:

    If you get rid of Windows, you won't have to worry about the malware thing. Any version of Linux will let you do what you need to do on your computer and not allow the malware to enter. They mostly look and act a lot like Windows, so the transition isn't that painful. I prefer Ubuntu, but there are lots of flavors from which to choose.

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