Open Lab 2009 Reviews! (2)

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Boing Boing has reviewed Open Lab 2009, Edited by yours truly, Scicurious! And they LIKED IT!!

Is it a treasure trove of awesome science geekery that will prompt dozens of cool conversations on a wide variety of topics? A handy "Follow that Blogger" guide that should get its first spine-breaks while you use it to update your RSS feed and browser bookmarks? Or, maybe, it's a giant middle finger to all the nose-in-the-air naysayers who think real science journalism only happens on dead trees.
"All of the above" is such a nice phrase, isn't it?

Sci purrs at such lovely reviews.

They especially liked Southern Fried Science's "Could Vampires Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?" which Sci also recommends.
But of course, you will not know anything about it unless you BUY IT YOURSELF!!! Boing Boing liked it and maybe you will too!

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  • EMJ says:

    Congratulations!!! To all of us, but especially to you and Bora. You two did an incredible job with this edition and deserve all the praise you are receiving.

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