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Basics: Guest Post 2: Spermatogenesis

Mar 10 2010 Published by under Basic Science Posts

Hello and welcome to Guest Post TWO! And Sci is so glad that Ambivalent Academic is covering meiosis, because I sure as heck didn't want to do it. 🙂
Male Reproduction Part II - Spermatogenesis
Last we left off we took a basic tour through the male reproductive tract in the way in which a sperm will encounter it. So now let's talk sperm!
How are they made? How do they make their way through all these convoluted tubes? How do they finally achieve all their spermy aspirations?
Sit down and buckle up - I'm about to tell you.

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Mar 09 2010 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

So in all the fuss of...everything, I forgot to notify people about some awesome new blogz!
Today's post brought to you by the letter O.
O yeah.
First up, we have the recently joined Scienceblogs Oscillator, who I was first introduced to when she and her friends did this:

(*sings* "I'll wear a gloooooove, glove glove glove, I'll wear a glooooove")
It's AWESOME. I LOVE IT. I want to be IN IT. Next time...
And next up, we have the guys of Obesity Panacea, an awesome blog that will actually give you the REAL SCIENCE behind things like weight loss, including what is up with all those gimmicks and hormones you keep hearing about. They also have good scientific training advice for various types of athletes. Good stuff! And I still feel guilty about missing out on a morning fun run with those guys at SciOnline, due to my srs sickness that week (ah, great lung infection of 2010, I do not miss thee). Next time, guys! HONEST!
Check 'em out!

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Basics: Guest Post 1: Male Reproductive Anatomy

Mar 08 2010 Published by under Basic Science Posts

Sci may have hinted that there were guest posts coming up in the near future. After that long series on female reproductive anatomy, Sci thought it would only be fair to let the dudes have some information as well. Unfortunately, Sci's knowledge of the male reproductive system is related almost entirely to hilarious things like bicycle accidents and pens, and so she had to turn to someone a little more knowledgeable on the actual way the system works.
And so, into the breach has stepped the intrepid Ambivalent Academic! She is here to deliver the sperm, the semen, the testicles, and all other articles of male anatomy right to your computer! And it even comes without malware!
So let's have a big round of applause for Ambivalent Academic, and Male reproductive anatomy: Part 1.

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Vote for me! Vote for me!

Mar 05 2010 Published by under Uncategorized

ResearchBlogging Awards 2010Research Blogging Awards 2010
Neurotopia has been nominated for best neuroscience blog! And the voting's now open! So head on over and VOTE (I think you have to register first)! There are some great blogs up there in a lot of really great categories!! So let the voting commence, and may the best science blogs win crazy amounts of boasting rights.

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Friday Weird Science: Do Your Balls Hang Low?

Mar 05 2010 Published by under Friday Weird Science

Sci came across this abstract via NCBI ROFL, the aggregation site with some truly hilarious studies on it, many of them worthy Friday Weird Science materials. And of course this one is EXTRA worthy. It's from the Journal of Medical Hypotheses. Wither Weird Science, Medical Hypotheses, but for thee?
So, coming up into this next week, Sci is proud to announce an awesome series of guest posts. Seeing as we spent the last three weeks or so on female reproduction, it seems only fair to represent the other side of the coin, and so, for this next week, we'll be covering the basics of male reproduction, courtesy of the awesome and brilliant Ambivalent Academic.
And what a way to get into it... Kumar and Kumara. "Swinging high and low: Why do the testes hang at different levels? A theory on surface area and thermoregulation" Medical Hypotheses, 2008.

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Basics Set: Female Reproduction, Part 5. Aaaaaand, BABIES

Mar 04 2010 Published by under Basic Science Posts

Hello and welcome to this hopefully last installment (before I get to the paper that I want to cover about female reproduction, which may not be able to happen for a bit) on female reproduction!. Previous sets have covered the anatomy, the menstrual cycle, the effects of oral contraceptives, and fertilization and implantation. Now, we get to pregnancy.
And dangit, I used up all my good pics in the last post. Lessee...

(I hear a lot of mothers-to-be feel like this)
So let's get started!

Can't never get enough of them hormones!!

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Mar 03 2010 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

Sci is working on about 3.5 hours of sleep right now. This makes her extremely punchy and odd. and possibly slightly crazy. And thus, she may not have been able to help herself in seminar today, and let out a very unlady-like snort in response to the following:
Introducer guy: I am happy to introduce Dr. Super Impressive Dude, Professor Emer-ITIS at Super Hot Uni...
I suppose Introducer Guy had only ever seen it written. The usual pronunciation is "Professor e-MER-itus", which is super super distinguished professor who has a happy, happy position and paycheck for life. Usually older, white, and male.
Sadly, the poor Introducer guy made this kind of adorable gaffe in front of about 100 people, one of whom was a very punchy and sleep-deprived Sci, who can't get over how hilarious this is. She has since been running around, asking everyone what kind of disease people think "emer-ITIS" is. Nominations so far:
Emer-ITIS (n):
1) A disease that results from too much tenure
2) The result of one too many MRIs.
3) When professors love science too much
4) An inflammation of the tenure (Sci's personal favorite)
5) When your deadwood falls off
And now she asks the internets: what is your definition of "emer-itis"? Make Sci laugh this day!

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Open Lab 2009 Reviews! (1)

Mar 02 2010 Published by under Uncategorized

The first Open Lab 2009 review is up over at Sciblogs! Sci was amused that the reviewer notes that editor (editress? editrix?) is listed by her pseud, but agrees that it's all part of the blog experience. 🙂
The reviewer, Grant Jacobs, follows with a hopefully representative list of some of the posts in the book, calling Dr. Jekyll's Breatstatistics "delightfully tongue in cheek", calls Ambivalent Academic's dissection of academia "wonderful", and calls the writing overall "great"! However, I have to quibble with his description of our beer post, Good head, as being quintessentially male. Sci herself learned a LOT from that post which she intends to use in her future pours, and which she has already shared with her friends of both sexes, to their interest and delight ("really? Cool! Let's get another beer and try this...").
Sci is sorry for the lack of physical science that Jacobs notes, but we work with what we have, and in general the submissions for biology and neuroscience FAR outnumbered those of physics, astronomy, etc (for a full list of 2009 submissions, see here). So next year, y'all are just going to have to submit more physics!! And math, we could use some more math...
But you won't know what is lacking, and what is not, unless you buy it yourself!

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More on Animal Research

Mar 01 2010 Published by under Activism

The website Speaking of Research, a site devoted to spreading accurate information about the uses and benefits of animal research, has put part of my previous post on their site (no worries, they had permission). They have also put up a great aggregate of the recent posts from the science blogging community on animal research. Sci thinks it's very sad that all of this had to arise from the nasty things that happened after a previously successful debate, but she is also glad that such things are being discussed openly, and is thrilled to receive so much support for her work and the care with which she treats her animals. So check out Speaking of Research, and make sure to keep an eye on Adventures in Ethics and Science, where Janet is continuing to talk about animal rights violence and alternatives.

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Basics Set: Female Reproduction Part 4, The Reproduction Bit

Mar 01 2010 Published by under Basic Science Posts

And we're back with part 4 of Sci's brand spanking new series on female reproduction!! This one's going to be a whopper, fertilization and pregnancy is a lot to cover, and so it will be very basic and divided into two posts, though less basic than the "baby in your tummy" bit that Sci learned when she was small.

(Sci had this book when she was small. It made her very popular with the local kids, and I still giggle every time I think of the part where they tell you that an orgasm is a like a big, wonderful sneeze.)
So here we go, basic fertilization and early pregnancy, starting with your friend, the sperm:

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