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The Incredible Healing Mouse

May 10 2010 Published by under Uncategorized

This is one of those things that isn't really related to neuroscience, to weird science, or to any of Sci's normal science. Really, it was just something Sci found (in various places), and thought was really awesome. Cause it is!

For those who know about working with rodents, it looks like a rat, don't it? It's a mouse! But it looks like a rat because these dudes are some big boys. This is an MRL mouse, which stands for 'Murphy Roths Large" (Sci can certainly believe the large). They were originally bred as a strain of laboratory mice, used for autoimmune studies (things like Lupus).
But these MRL mice might be the next big thing in wound healing. The story of their discovery is interesting on its own. The story of HOW it happens could change the world. Bedelbeava et al. "Lack of p21 expression links cell cycle control and appendage regeneration in mice" Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences, 2010.
(Ok, I'll admit I'm a little behind on this, apparently the big news broke in February or March. But still, I found it!)
And it all starts with a little ear piercing.

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Friday Weird Science: Orgiastic Loss of Consciousness

May 07 2010 Published by under Friday Weird Science

This is actually a repost. But it's still hilarious. Sci DID have something good all lined up, but then she went out for this DINNER. And it was a REALLY good dinner, and now I'm really full and it's late and Sci is SO FULL AND SLEEPY AND (kind of inebriated...). So, repost. And next week will be a hilarious weird science that's going to blow your mind.
I have to say, for this Weird Science Friday, it was a tough call between this one and the other paper I found about the effects of Prozac in salmon. I mean, who gives Prozac to SALMON?! Are our teleosts depressed? Inquiring minds apparently want to know.
Anyway, here we go: Weird science and Classic science. Needles, W. "A note of orgiastic loss of consciousness" Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 22(4) 512-8, 1953.

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Cheesecake-eating rats and food addiction, a commentary

May 05 2010 Published by under Addiction, Behavioral Neuro

As you might have noticed, Sci is really interested lately in the concept of food reward systems, in particular the issues associated with the effects of binge eating on reward systems in the brain, and the issue of "food addiction".
And Sci is not the only one who is interested. Lots of other people in the scientific world (not to mention people outside the scientific world) are interested as well. And in the same issue of Nature Neuroscience that published the paper that Sci covered on dopamine and obesity in rats, David Epstein and Yavin Shaham wrote a commentary on the very same article. Yavin Shaham (the last author and thus the big kahuna) is a big guy in the dopamine and addiction world, and is an important researcher at the National Institute on Drug Abuse.
And these guys have some good points.
Points that Sci (figuring others probably don't have easy access to Nature Neuroscience) wants to share with you.
Here we go. Epstein and Shaham. "Cheesecake-eating rats and the question of food addiction" Nature Neuroscience, 2010

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In which Sci gets Inked

May 03 2010 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

We all have different ways of celebrating big milestones, like getting a PhD. Some people pop open the champagne. Some people (the really, really LUCKY people) get to take a few weeks off and recover. But for those of us who can do neither, well...Sci got a tattoo!
And you all want to know what it was, don't you? Of course you do. Pics below the fold!

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