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Jun 08 2010 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

...and things to think.
First off, a big welcome to the newest SciBling, Maryn of Superbug!! Always great to have someone else on board for the cool diseases.
Secondly, Sci's tattoo has been featured in the bibliography of academic tattoos at the Fashionable Academics! Go over and check out the other stuff, there's some lovely bodily decor on display.
Finally, Dr. Leigh is at it again, this time on the new synthetic cannabinoid phenomenon. Head over there for some awesome pharamcology by one of the best.
Oh oh oh wait. One more thing.
Do Sci's off topic posts put you off? Drugmonkey first asked the question (ok, technically Lorax asked it first, but Sci saw it on Drugmonkey), and Abel has elaborated a bit. So, does it?
And speaking of off topic things...
Sci is thinking of starting a Coffee Pick of the Week. I love my caffeine in all its forms, and am lately getting very into trying different brands. Grind it myself, drink it black.
Sci recently got some new coffee in: Philz Ambrosia, Coffee of God. This may be start of Sci's Coffee pick of the week. It's a medium roast, but less sweet than some of the other Philz brands (like Tesora). It's got a lovely, nutty flavor to it that makes it kind of proteinaceous tasting, and a delightful morning cup, with a rather mild flavor and a softness to it. Goes really well with buttered toast.

Sci welcomes your coffee recommendations, and would be glad to try new coffees, though she warns you it may take a while, as I have to save up to import the nice ones.

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  • Sam says:

    You should grind some Chocolate Mint into your coffee! It is just starting to bloom now and adds a delicious hint of minty chocolate goodness!

  • Birger Johansson says:

    Two recent links: -Scientists find new way to attack B cell lymphoma cancerous cells:
    -New treatment regimen shown effective against advanced ovarian cancer
    Unfortunately, I have not yet found a link to a low-cost way to process coffee beans to mimic the "icky" way civets do it (producing the world's most expensive coffee in the process). People in Borneo feed coffe beans to civets, and harvest the civet droppings. After washing the processed beans, the result is a high-quality coffee (I am not making this up).

  • leigh says:

    awww. thanks, sci!
    you have far more refined taste in coffee than i, so i'll be watching for the coffee pick of the week.