Calling Grad Students, past, present, and future

Jun 24 2010 Published by under Academia

Samia, over at 49 Percent, is about to become a brand spanking new grad student. And, like the good blogger she is, she's interested in the input of...other bloggers. What's grad school going to be like? What should people watch out for? What things should you look for when choosing a lab? When choosing a project? What kind of things do you wish you knew when you started? Well now you have an opportunity to share. Samia is accepting submissions for a grad school carnival, scheduled for August 15. Sounds like fun! She's interested in perspectives from new grad students, current grad students, old grad students, and basically anyone who's ever had anything to do with grad school. Send 'em in and let's make this thing a repository of grad knowledge!

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  • Samia says:

    Wait until what to talk about what, now? Did you even bother to read the post? I'm accepting submissions, not giving a workshop. PS what is this "99% derivative" publication you speak of? Simmer, mister.

  • Samia says:

    ...and now I look like a crazy person. Onto non-random-troll stuff: I appreciate the shout-out, Sci, and have already gotten some really awesome and in-depth posts from current and past students. Am counting on some n00bs to flesh things out. 🙂