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Hello and welcome to Scientopia, a brand spanking new blog community of people who are stuck living life in the scientific mind.

Sci is SO excited to be here, you guys!!!

In fact, she's so excited she's going to express herself in verse. Her poetry may very well be the worst poetry in the universe until the Earth gets destroyed to make way for a hyperspace bypass, so you've been warned.

(Scicurious, better selling than "53 more things to do in zero gravity"!!)

Hello there and welcome to this blog cornucopia,
a collection of bloggers we call Scientopia!
We are here to blog science, of all type and kind,
And give you glimpses of the scientific mind.
Please do check the frontpage, we've blogs of all stripes!
Let me give you a tour of some different types.

To start with and onto a sciencey path,
Check the hardcore musings of Good Math, Bad Math,
If it's physics you're after in this blogplace of ours,
You simply must observe the blog SkullsintheStars.
And if it's to the stars that you have some attractions
make sure you read Knop's Galactic Interactions.

And while you are here, see the scientific life
Drugmonkey blog with academic advice is quite rife
For feminist stylings make sure not to miss
Our hairy-legged Zuska and fashionable Isis.
Forget not psychology, ours is here to stay
With Jason and Melody's new blog "Child's Play".

In case you need info, make sure you look
At our librarian sites which are much more than books
There's Book of Trogool and Christina's LIS Rant
With information science enough to enchant.
If you want lots of topics, with no one priority,
You should make sure to read Questionable Authority.

And of course, we're in science, a field sometimes full of strife
You can read all about it on This Scientific Life
There's more life in science, as I bet you can tell,
With Chemical BiLOLogy and Candid Engineer as well.
And if you're on the tenure track remaining
Read Proflike Substance and Professor in Training!

If you're into Biology, that we can cover
As with Everyday Biology you will discover
Biology Refugia will also be found
Where posts on environmental biology abound.
For biological life and the academic infection
All of our blogs are Sanitized for your Protection,

Of course we've got medical blogs of all kinds
As our White Coat Underground will always remind
We've also got WhizBang, another medicine station
Who's interested in science and administration.
Finally if it is aging and and Alzheimer's you chase
You should take a look at Attack Polymerase.

Of course the neurosciences we have quite a bit,
Such as neurodynamics, pharmacology with great wit.
And of course there's Yours Truly, Scicurious that is
Your friendly neuroscience and weird science whiz!
And if it's anthropological things you are after,
You simply must read the Urban Ethnographer.

We also proud to have ecology on our plate
With the fabulous bloggers of The Voltage Gate
And we all want to make sure our ethics are in compliance,
Which is why we have Adventures in Ethics and Science!
There's more blogs to come, make sure you keep looking
To check out all we Scientopians have got cooking!

So come one and come all, you're welcome to stay
And party with us on our very first day!

Beers are in the ice in the bathtub, y'all. Let's get this science party started!!!

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