In which Sci is tagged...

Aug 07 2010 Published by under Uncategorized know I always thought these memes were on livejournal or Facebook n' stuff.

I might have been tagged by Dr. Becca. Something about blogging with substance. Depends on the substance, say I. 🙂

And the meme is:
“Sum up your blogging motivation, philosophy and experience in exactly 10 words.”

To that I could say my usual, which would be "blogging all good, bad, and weird in physiology and neuroscience"

But that's too easy.

Hmmm...perhaps a ten word rhyme?

Neuroscientists, geeks, and perverts too
Here's weird science for you!


I feel the need to spread some
Fantastic science

Or maybe...

To blog, translating
new, old science, dicks and all

I think I like that last one. 🙂

I am now supposed to tag ten people. Sci has the worst time with this. I never manage to pick people who haven't ALREADY been tagged, and then they are just annoyed.

So this will be more than a tag. This will be a challenge.

Because it's a twitter tag.

You get two tweets, max.

In the first, you must express your TWEETING! philosophy and motivation in ten words AND under 140 characters (this probably isn't hard). You must then tag ten other tweeters. Extra fun and bragging rights goes to those who RHYME!

And I tag...


Bragging rights be thine, if 10 words and 140 characters you rhyme.

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