Grad Student Eating in Style: THE CARNIVAL?!

The things that Sci thinks of when she hasn't had enough coffee...

So here it is. Sci often trades recipes with people. Cheap, easy ones mostly, the cheaper the better. She has posted some of her own on this blog. And then one morning I thought, wouldn't it be GREAT if hungry grad students could find easy recipes that weren't horrible for you, were FAST, and were, above all things, CHEAP?! I mean, wouldn't this be great? Of course it would.

And then I thought: I SHALL WRITE A COOKBOOK.

And then I thought: nah...that's too much work. But I could host a CARNIVAL!!!

And so, I would like to host a carnival, let's say in...oh I don't know, how's November 1 for you all? I can post all of your recipes that you send me, and we can show that grad students don't have to STARVE! We can eat, and we can even eat a fairly balanced diet! It might be a great thing for others on budgets as well (like post-docs and science writers).

SO. Sci's got her apron on. She's got her spoon.

Let's do this thing! Send me your recipes!!!

1) Please include a full list of ingredients and full instructions.
2) Please include a PRICE BREAKDOWN for how much it costs, with a total yield. This being for hungry grad students, anything that costs more than say $20 to make really better make more than 6 servings, I'm thinking. Of course there are exceptions.
3) Please let me know whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
4) Calories counts a bonus, but not necessary.

Sci will be posting a few more of her recipes as we go. Anyone else excited? This could be fun! Spread the word!!

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