Coffee of the Week: Coffee by Joe, Honduras

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I'll admit that I haven't been blogging a lot of coffees, but that's partially because not to many people seem interested (I mostly like to keep track of what I tried and what I thought of it), and partially because it DOES take me a while to get through a whole pound. I have been cutting back on intake, and what with the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte (otherwise known as the BEST DRINK IN THE UNIVERSE and the NECTAR OF THE GODS), my coffee consumption has gone down a bit.

Sci obtained this coffee on a trip through the City of Brotherly Love, which does indeed appear to be very Brotherly, at least as long as you like the Phillies. Everywhere Sci goes, she picks up coffee. At one point I lugged a suitcase home with an extra FIVE POUNDS worth of coffee (I would have bought more, but that's all I could fit. My dirty laundry did end up smelling DELICIOUS, though).

Anyway, today's coffee comes from Joe, Etc, Philadelphia Coffees and Teas.

The blend I picked was Honduras, which advertised it's clean, fresh aroma and flavor, with a nutty taste. I will agree with the nutty, and also with the clean, though it had a little acidity at the back. Mostly, I did find the coffee a bit...light. I had to brew it darker than usually to really get a feel for it, so you may want to go with more on this one. It was a good morning coffee, but I have to say...nothing really STRUCK me about it. It was nice, light, a bit nutty, but overall just kind of inoffensive and not particularly memorable. As in, you'd drink it and you'd say "ah, the coffee is fine", but you wouldn't say "YOWSA, that coffee just grabbed me by the proverbial beans!" I think perhaps I'll have to order another pound of a different roast or blend and see how I feel. Their Peruvian Select looks like a good bet.

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  • Amy Sheldon says:

    Have you checked out out Coffee Bean Direct ( )? They started out selling to independent coffee shops, and decided to experiment with selling 5 lb. bags to individuals. I've got a house full of coffee drinkers, so that size suits me fine, but they've also got 1 pound bags, and sampler packs with 1/2 pound bags.

    As to where I am on the coffee-drinker scale - my current favorite is their French Roast Papua New Guinea, however my liberal guilt has me buying their Organic Fair Trade Dark Peru (which is also very good, so going the organic & fair trade route isn't a hardship).

  • Ketil Tveiten says:

    I will now be looking for an occasion to actually use the phrase “YOWSA, that coffee just grabbed me by the proverbial beans!”

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