Women's Health Writeup Roundup!

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We here at Scientopia do hope you all enjoyed our Women's Health writeup!  More posts will be continuing as the week goes on, but here's a brief list of some of the coverage of what in Women's Health is good, what's bad, and what's...kind of hilarious.


Chemical BiLOLogy: Survive your Doctor.  Arlenna talks about the importance of being your own medical advocate.

The BAD:

Everyday Biology: What's in your tap water? This soon to be three-part series (parts 1 and 2 are up) goes through what's in your tap water, and what to worry about, and what is just hype.

The White Coat Underground: Women's Health. Pal does an excellent writeup of what diseases among women are focused on, and whether this lines up with what diseases we should really be promoting awareness of.

Candid Engineer: WTF is in my DNA? A post on the reality of DNA tests, what we should expect, and what we shouldn't.


Neurotic Physiology: I'm only cheating cause my body TELLS me to. A writeup on their article "is fidelity obsolete", and their rather...their neuroscience coverage.

Thus Spake Zuska: Cry Babies. A piece on men who cry too much, which was supposed to be...satire. Unfortunately, context is all.

WhizBANG: The wonders of Turmeric! Apparently it's got lots of antioxidants and you should put it in your moisturizer! Pity about the staining...

The Urban Ethnographer: The best cities for women. Because if you move to Seattle you will have decreased risk of heart disease! Because, you know, other people there do. Totally makes sense, right?

Keep an eye out for more coming up this week!

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