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Oct 14 2010 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

So Sci was racking her brains as to what she could POSSIBLY to for all the lovely people who have been donating to Donor's Choose and completing projects and being totally awesome. I also thought it'd be a lovely thing to start giving people stuff for contests, etc.

And...then I had an idea.


Doesn't it look CUTE, you guys?!?!!?!

I love it.

Especially the thong.

In case you cannot tell, the logo, designed by the awesome Glendon Mellow of the Flying Trilobite, is Sci's TATTOO (the caffeine molecule, the secret of my powers), with the phrase "Are you scicurious?" below it.

So. Are YOU Scicurious? Because if you are, show it! And if you want to be, you CAN!

We've got mugs (which I am totally buying for myself, btw), shirts (ok, I'm also buying one of those for myself), messenger bags, underwears, and even kidswear and onesies (which I am NOT buying for myself, but only because it would be awkward). You KIDS can be Scicurious!!! Perfect gift for a future mad scientist.

So check it out! Buy your friends holiday tshirts with LOTS of caffeine. 🙂 Be Scicurious for Halloween (very scary)! Be Scicurious ALL THE TIME!

Each item, when also combined with caffeine (the mugs are especially effective) will provide a +2 to intelligence, +2 to sexterity (child items excepted), and +3 to SCI-CURIOUSITY. Also +2 rabid squirrel-like energy and enthusiasm.*

And who knows? It's possible we may add more designs. There's lot of ideas brewing in this Scicurious brain.

So check it out! And if possible, I'll plunk a link in the sidebar, so you can buy Sci-merch ALL THE TIME!!!

Isn't it so exciting?!?!

*Increases to attributes not applicable in real time game play. Just while you're feeling awesome.

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  • Zuska says:

    If it adds anything like the energy and enthusiasm my backyard squirrels show for raiding my bird feeders, that would truly be awesome!!!!! The merch is de-lovely!!!!!!

  • With the +2 to sexterity, if I wear my housecoat, I might just be too much for some people to handle. I'd best consider my purchase wisely.

    (Yes, I need all the buffs to sexterity I can get. I'm not a max-minner, what can I say?)

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