It's Holiday Time! What are you thankful for??

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As some of you might be aware, American Thanksgiving is coming up. Sci generally prefers to focus on the family aspect, and of course on the delicious and awesomely vast quantities of food. But she ALSO would like to focus on things that we are Thankful For. And to that end, she asked the talented bloggers of Scientopia: what are you thankful for?

Throughout the week, we'll be posting what we are thankful for, in terms of three ideas:

1) AN ITEM: what item in your scientific career are you most thankful for, which has made your life immeasurably easier? Pubmed? The rapid cycling PCR machine?

2) A PERSON: Who in your field (or out of it) has really influenced your career as it is today, made you what you are and your career what it is?

3) AN IDEA: what idea are you especially thankful for? Did a big idea change your field entirely? Did it call into question everything you thought you knew?

And if you are a blogger, and want to participate, PLEASE DO!!! I'd love to see what other people around the blogsphere think of these questions. Send Sci a link and she'll add it in!

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  • Craig says:

    Not a Sciblogger, but I'll throw in my 2c anyway:

    1) Digital microscopes and large computer monitors. I hate squinting through those tiny bloody eyepieces...

    2) Paul Pritchard. Not a scientist: he used to be a world-class rockclimber before a falling rock smashed in a third of his head, leaving him with a near-fatal brain injury and significant permanent disability. His book about the experience ("The Totem Pole") is what inspired me to get into neuroscience in the first place.

    3) Hebb's theory of synaptic plasticity. It was the first really plausible explanation of a purely physical process that could explain learning and memory, and was astonishingly accurate considering how far ahead of its time it was. Kandel is brilliant and deserved his Nobel, but Kandel is nothing without Hebb.

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  • hematophage says:

    We answered on our blog! Not necessarily CREATIVELY, but hey, it's NSF predoc deadline day.

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