What Are Scientopians Thankful For?

Nov 23 2010 Published by under Academia, Uncategorized

I'm not the only one who's thankful around here!

Dorothea is thankful for her iMac (having just got one...I actually agree. I never thought I would say that...). She is also thankful for Heather Joseph.

Heather Joseph never, ever, ever makes that mistake. She tells the straight story, don’t get me wrong, but she’s got the chops to tell it without leaving any holes in her professional armor for skeevy publishers or lazy libraries to evade her message. She never falters or admits defeat. (I do. Regularly.) She is smart, prepared, opportunistic, persistent, and unwavering.

Zuska is thankful for Botox. Read her post, and you will be too.

Christina is Thankful for Citation Linkers! No, she doesn't mean a proper bibliography, she means a sweet text of science on your screen.

Pascale gives thanks for urine. And you can see why.

And me? So far I'm thankful for Pubmed, and Cajal. One more to come!

in other places around the blogsphere, the Abbot Lab is thankful for: their computers (aren't we ALL), their boss (awww), and the theory of evolution. WORD.

What, Who, and what ideas are you thankful for in science?

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