Happy New Year!!

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Sci's out happy new yearing. Like ya do.

In the meantime, I wish to know. What are YOUR New Year's Resolutions? Do you make any? Do you self-righteously NOT make any and want to tell other people why they shouldn't?

Sci always ends up making some. Last year's involved getting my PhD. And I DID IT. Though I guess I was about due for it anyway. 🙂

This year, Sci's New Year's Resolutions involve very important things like getting freakin' publications and grants out the door. I wish they were more exciting, but there it is.

What are yours?

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  • Jason Dick says:

    Never really made any myself. Just didn't see the point. I usually just leave it at that when somebody asks 🙂

    Although technically, today I have resolved to respond to a couple of late Christmas cards. So maybe you could sorta call that a New Year's resolution? Also, I want to verify the spherical harmonic transform of a delta function. But both of those should be done today, so I'm not sure it counts 🙂

  • Sweetwater Tom says:

    I am three-score and some years old and I have learned that I never keep resolutions. I will keep pluggin away at my goals no matter what time of year.

  • Bob O'H says:

    My new year's resolution will be not to buy Grrl ANY MORE AQUARIA. As of yesterday, we're up to 4 - the first one was a Christmas present last year.

  • Bashir says:

    I don't have resolutions so much as a bunch of stuff I'm going to have to get done. So I guess my resolution is to get stuff done. I say that pretty much every year, but 2011 will be much more hectic than prior years.

  • gerty-z says:

    Happy new year, Sci! No resolutions for me, I don't have the patience to wait to start something based on an arbitrary date. I don't begrudge other's their resolutions, though I wish the gym and pool weren't so damn crowded the first 2 weeks of Jan.

  • samantha says:

    Hmm. Not really a resolution, per se, but a couple things I'm going to try and work on:

    1) Watching my spending habits, esp. when it comes to being a responsible consumer; ie, shop local, etc.

    2) Do the 365 photo challenge this year. I'm a day behind, but it's okay.

    3) Actually make it to class every day. This may be my biggest challenge yet.

  • Pharm Sci Grad says:

    Hahaha... Yes. This year there is really only one. Graduating. 😉

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