In Which Sci Blogs Experimental Biology!!!

Mar 22 2011 Published by under Academia

Sci is so excited, you guys. This year will be the first time that I will be heading to the huge Experimental Biology meeting in Washington DC (as a member of ASPET, obs). And, even BETTER, the kind people at EB have decided to allow me to blog the meeting!!! It’s going to be a really good time, with loads of the awesomest, freshest SCIENCE! Over the upcoming weeks, I’m going to be emailing some people presenting posters and giving talks, to ask them if they would like their work to be blogged, and also to see if they’d be willing to sit down with me and give me some insight into what has inspired their latest projects! And if you would like the work featured on this blog to be YOURS, now is your opportunity! If you are going to EB 2011, and would like to have your work blogged, drop me a line (scicurious [at] gmail [dot] com)! I won’t make any promises, but send along your contact info, your abstract, and why you think that your work would be a great example of what’s going on in the world of EB. And if I am sufficiently wooed, you may get blogged!

And of course, Sci might be around to meet up with people. Anyone getting together? I imagine I could do with a beer. 🙂

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