Behold! My Coffee Brain!

May 17 2011 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

When @Artologica mentioned on Twitter that she'd put a new "coffee brain" picture on her Etsy, well of COURSE I had to look at it. I mean, DUH.

And of course then I had to buy one. 🙂 Mine is is a nice coralish color for the background, and I like how the coffee rings are concentrated on the left side of the brain.

Check it out!

It's going to be proudly displayed in my office along with other bits of my science gear. And she's got loads more up for sale, including a super lovely one in blues and greens, and one that is (I think) even more dramatic in dark brown. And loads of other sciencey stuff, like MITOSIS!!!

Go look at her stuff for some fun sciencey art in you day.

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