Women in Academia, Now with 100% Fewer Sprogs

Jun 25 2011 Published by under Academia

Robot Kermit: "Hey, listen you, how about you and me getting together and makin ' some ste-e-e-am heat. Huh, snuggle bunny?"
Miss Piggy: "Snuggle bunny? Why, uh..."
Robot Kermit: "Yeah. Look, let me take you away from all this. Aaah, a marriage made in heaven. A frog and a pig. We can have bouncing baby figs."


Ok, that quote basically had nothing to do with anything except I think "bouncing baby figs" might be the best quote ever.




Last year, Hermitage ran a q&A with several female bloggers about being a woman in academia.  But hers was a special Q&A.  Sci goes to a lot of sessions on women in academia.  And it seems these sessions always come down to "how to balance work and life", and by "life", they mean "kids".


Now, Sci likes kids as much as anyone who does not have kids likes kids (I am a very proud second cousin/"aunt"/adorer of my friends' kids).  And I know these questions are really important and people need to hear their options and how to best handle life in academia and work/life balance.  But at the same time, I often feel that these sessions end up being dominated by the work/kids question, while other important aspects of being a woman in science tend to be left by the wayside.  So I LOVED last year when Hermitage held her Q&A, it gave us all the opportunity to ask the questions that we never get out in time in other sessions.


And Hermitage is doing it again this year!  She's looking for good victims panelists as well as good questions!!1  Head over there and submit yours now!  I'm looking forward to another round of interesting questions and answers.

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