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At SciAm today: Can gut bacteria cure your psychiatric ills?

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Sci is at SciAm today, looking in depth at this latest paper on probiotics and the behavior of mice. I think the results are promising, but I'm not relying on yogurt to allay my anxieties just yet.

If you are interested in what you read, but don't want to register, you are welcome to comment here! I'll be monitoring this thread as well as the one at SciAm.

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Friday Weird Science: Are men really funnier than women? Who's asking?

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Today is a fun day here for humor. Stephanie Zvan, newly of Freethought blogs, and I, will be talking about the same paper. We both took away some different things from it, for different reasons, and I think the two posts will give you a really good idea of just how...bad...this paper really is. So make sure you check out Stephanie's post!

There's a big issue at hand here. I have to write about...humor. The problem is, trying to write about humor WITH humor?! That's frakkin' hard. It's like me walking up to you, looking you dead in the eye, and saying "ok, be funny. NOW." You will, probably, not be funny (no offense).

So, I'm not gonna try this time. Rumor has it, Sci is funny. Sometimes. Honestly, only on Fridays, if you see or hear or read me being funny on any other day of the week, you are imagining things and you really should get that looked at. Be that as it may, Sci's not going to be funny today. After all, as this paper says, humor is found more often in males. So I’ll just have to stick with sarcasm.

Greengross, Miller (both authors are male. This may or may not be important. No disclosures as to whether or not the authors themselves were funny). "Humor ability reveals intelligence, predicts mating success, and is higher in males" Intelligence, 2011.

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Suessical Ethics: Sometimes I can't help myself

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I'm guesting over at Janet's Scientific American place today. Someone went and called her the "Dr. Seuss" of science policy. And when I heard that, well, I couldn't help myself.

The sun did not shine
In the laboratory that day
as we sat with our gels
watching bands slide away

I sat there with Sally
We stared at data, we two
And I said "How I wish
there was something we could do!"

Check out the rest at SciAm!

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