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Sci at SciAm today: The more feminine you look, the more children you want...

Oct 11 2011 Published by under Behavioral Neuro's science. See why correlation is not causation (I'm thinking that needs to be the tagline of my blog), and why, though it's a good paper, I've got my qualms, some of which are not scientific in nature. And if you'd like to leave a comment and don't want to register, leave it here! And don't forget to check out Kate Clancy's post on the same topic!

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Oooh, Donor's Choose Competition!!!

Oct 10 2011 Published by under Activism

There once was a fine Cuttlefish
Who said to me thusly, "I wish
That people's money they'd use
To give to Donor's Choose!
But how?" Said the fine rhmying old fish.

The he got an idea most fine
And stated "Let our powers combine!"
Or rather, we'll COMPETE!
To see who's readers are most meet
And benefit kids at the same time!

And truly Sci did take his bet!
Now we've got a competition set!
Who by 10/13 gets the most money
By methods sly, importuning or funny
Will win bragging rights
For fighting the good fight
And maybe we'll trade some drinks money. 🙂

So donors, now is your time!
If you can give dollar, nickel, or dime,
To help out some bright young kids,
By filling their teacher's bids,
To love SCIENCE one day at a time!

YES! Sci and The Digital Cuttlefish have made a bet! Whoever gets the most money and donors by Oct 13th wins...bragging rights. And...bragging rights. Maybe some beer. 🙂

So help me out! And help HIM out! Either way, kids gets what they need to love SCIENCE!

And may the best VERTEBRATE win, cuttlefish. >:)

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Donor's Choose for SCIENCE!!

Oct 10 2011 Published by under Activism

Check it out over there, waaaaay down on the sidebar, Sci has up a giving page for Donor's Choose!  I'm giving to kids who are most in need of science and math materials this year. Most of them don't need much, just a few hundred dollars for things like ink, microscopes, math books. And of course I don't expect anyone to donate a few hundred dollars, but if we all donate little bits together, we can get somewhere!  Please consider donating to my, or any other science blogger's Donor's Choose and help teachers inspire their kids with SCIENCE!

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Friday Weird Science: The Narcoleptic dog in your Disney film.

Oct 07 2011 Published by under Friday Weird Science

You know, you'd think after that HUGE pile of weird science blogging I just did for the IgNobels, I might need some time away from weird science.  And heck, you might be right.  But I got this paper a few weeks ago from Jason of The Thoughtful Animal, and it's just too brilliant not to share.  The things I do for all of you. 🙂

This paper might be about sleep disorders, but I really have to wonder if some poor scientist had a 4-5 year old child, obsessed with Disney, and being forced to watch the endless repetitions of animated characters tap-dancing their way across the screen, just couldn't take it anymore.  That scientist had to do some SCIENCE.  Or at least some analysis.  And if you can't analyze anything else, well you can always analyze your Disney films!

Iranzo et al. "REM sleep behavior disorder and other sleep disturbances in Disney animated films" Sleep Medicine, 2007

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Donor's Choose Time!!!

Oct 02 2011 Published by under Activism

It's time for Donor's Choose, the time of year when we ask for donations to classrooms to help out kids with teh learnin'.  I love this drive because it gives the opportunity to direct your money straight to the classrooms that need it, and allow them to directly buy the supplies that are needed to give kids a great educational experience.  Sci is campaigning this year on behalf of Scientopia, and my giving page is here.  Please consider dropping a donation or two to help kids learn numbers, have books to read, and stuff to do their own SCIENCE!!!

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IgNobel Prize Coverage: The wasabi fire alarm and when a sigh is more than just a sigh

Oct 01 2011 Published by under Academia

Sci's IgNobel prize coverage continues over at Sci's Scientific American blog, where I've got coverage of the IgNobel prize winners.  The latest posts are on the fire-alarm prowess of the WASABI, as well as when a sigh is more than just a sigh (though no one has yet empirically studied whether a cigar is just a cigar).  Keep tuned in to the Scientific american blog to see the rest of the coverage!

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