SfN Neuroblogging: PTSD, heart attacks, and numbers (not together)

Nov 17 2011 Published by under SFN Neuroblogging

Yes, Sci's neuroblogging extends over time! There was just so much SCIENCE I couldn't keep it within the bounds of SfN. There will be one more science post coming at your eyeballs soon, as well as some reflections on the meeting. And if anyone wants to know how to build your own poster tube strap out of duct tape, I might think about putting together a tutorial (hot stuff, amirite?).

Over at Scientific American right now we have a PTSD study that is currently ongoing in twins, a model of number processing in children, and how heart attacks can change mouse behavior. Comment over here or over there with questions and ideas! And keep your eyes peeled for further neuroblogging to come!

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