FINAL #sfn11 Neuroblogging: Hypoglycemia and Brain Function!

Nov 21 2011 Published by under SFN Neuroblogging

Ok, really, this is the last neuroblogging post! All together I put up 11 science posts on various awesome posters and presentations at SfN, as well as 5 or so other posts on life at the conference, how to handle it, and what you might get out of it. I think it was a pretty good year! And last, but not least, we have a final SfN post on hypoglycemia and brain function, with ties to diabetes, Alzheimer's, and more! Check it out, and post questions or comments here or there.

And of course, I have a question: what did you get out of Sci's Neuroblogging? Are there things you would have liked to see more of? Less? What topics did you find the most accessible and what sent your brain reeling (which might not be a good thing)? Let Sci know in the comments!! You all know I do my best to provide you with only the hottest science!

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