Recipe Day, Grad Student Eating in Style! Spinach Soup Edition

Dec 26 2011 Published by under Grad Student Eating in Style!

I haven't shared a cheap eating recipe in a long while. This is a sad thing. While Sci is no longer a starving grad student, I AM still a post-doc, and we don't get paid much better. And living in a Big Honkin' City is no financial treat, either. This recipe, which I snagged from my Mother in Law, is a really lovely vegetarian soup, warm and filly, and perfect for those long winter nights in the lab!

You will need:

6-8 cloves garlic
1 onion
10 cups vegetable broth (I make it with bouillon because it's cheaper)
Bowtie pasta (1/2 box, I usually use whole grain because I'm annoying like that)
fresh or frozen spinach (frozen is usually cheaper)
kidney beans (1 can)
carrots (5. Ish.)
Olive oil

Cook your pasta. Set aside. Thaw spinach if using frozen.

Mince your garlic. Chop your onions. Saute both in olive oil until softened and starting to cooke. Add veggie broth. Bring to a boil. Add chopped carrots and kidney beans. Simmer for 10 min or until carrots taste nice and soft.

Add your pasta in. Then take your spinach. If using fresh, wilt the spinach in slowly. If frozen, thaw it out, and chuck it in there.

That's it! That's all!! Nice, eh? It makes a TON, enough to feed a hungry grad student at least 3-4 days.

Anyone else had good recipes lately?

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  • Iddo says:

    Majadra: (rice & lentils):
    2 cups rice (basmati or jasmine preferred)
    2.5 cups water
    2/3 cup dry green lentils
    2 large onions
    2 tbsp. oil
    0.5 tsp. butter (for taste, not necessary)
    0.5 tsp salt
    0.5-1 tsp cumin (if you like the stuff)

    Use Basmati or jasmine rice. The extra paid is less than a cup of coffee a day and the results are much better.

    1. Wash the rice well. This means swirl in a large bowl with cold water, drain, repeat 10x until water is almost clear of starch. Place in strainer, let wet rice drain.
    2. Rinse lentils (no need to wash religiously like the rice). Place in pot. Cover lentile with water +2cm or so.
    3. Bring lentils to boil. Lower flame, let simmer for 20 mins. or so. Check that lentils are soft (not too soft!) before draining pot.
    4. While lentils are simmering, chop onion. Wear a scuba mask or steampunk goggles if you tend to cry. That will also make you extra attractive to your SO.
    5. Heat oil in large pot (you will be cooking everything in that pot later, make sure it's big).
    6. Add chopped onions to oil. Stir until golden-brown.
    7. Add drained rice, cumin & salt to onions. Stir vigurously for 2 minutes, make sure all gets coated in oil, don't burn it!
    8. Add 2.5 cups water & butter. Bring to boil, stir a bit, then lower flame to minimum, cover tightly.
    9. Let rice simmer for 20 minutes. Don't forget ro drain the lentils now! Let lentils sit in strainer or back in their own pot.
    10. When r20 minutes of cooking are done, lift rice lid. Stir in lentils.
    11. Makes a fuckton. Good for lunches through Thursday.

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