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Sci on Skeptically Speaking

Dec 13 2011 Published by under Activism

Sci recorded an AWESOME PODCAST on Sunday night at Skeptically Speaking with Desiree Schell! I got to talk about DRUGS. It was super fun! I'm sorry I didn't get to answer all the extra questions (I know there were a lot), so please feel free to leave more questions here, and I'll be glad to answer what I can! The podcast itself goes live on Friday night, Dec 16th, at 9pm. Make sure you take a listen!!!

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Motivation and Dopamine Function

Dec 12 2011 Published by under Behavioral Neuro

Today over at The Scicurious Brain, I'm talking about a potential correlation between motivation and dopamine dysfunction in adults with ADHD. It's a good study, and it's a nice correlation, but I think there are some unanswered questions. Head over to Scientific American and check it out.

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Friday Weird Science Book Review: Dirty Minds by Kayt Sukel

Dec 09 2011 Published by under Book Reviews, Friday Weird Science, Uncategorized

Society for Neuroscience meeting. Kayt and I hung out and I think she’s fantastic fun. Also, she gave me a tshirt.)

My ears perked up when I first heard that there was a book coming out called “Dirty Minds”. I mean, it’s about neurobiology. And it’s about SEX. And the author had an ORGASM in an fMRI. For SCIENCE. Totally up my alley, this stuff.

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Open Lab 2011 Winners Announced!

Dec 07 2011 Published by under Blog Carnivals

The 51 entries selected for this year's Open Lab Anthology have been announced, and what a list is it! Make sure you check it out, there are some truly wonderful selections there!

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Early Life Stress and Drug Reward

Dec 07 2011 Published by under Behavioral Neuro

Sci is over at Scientific American today, looking at a big paper out in the Journal of Neuroscience on the role of GLIA and immune response in drug reward. LOOK TO THE GLIA.

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Open Lab 2011 Winners Being Announced!

Dec 06 2011 Published by under Blog Carnivals

Ok, apparently the real list wasn't supposed to be announced until January, but oops! People get excited and can't contain themselves. 🙂

The winners are slowly chatting it up on Twitter, and I'm happy to announce that a guest post on this very blog was selected! Check out Allie's post on the taint (yeah, THAT taint): "Friday Weird Science GUEST POST: The distance between your testicles and your anus, 'taint unimportant". Congratulations Allie!

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C. Elegans, Serotonin, and Dopamine

Dec 05 2011 Published by under Behavioral Neuro

Scicurious is at Scientific American today, talking about a new paper in nematodes, where dopamine makes you crawl, and serotonin makes you swim. Sadly, I couldn't embed the awesome videos, but you should definitely check it out and hit all the links!!

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Friday Weird Science: Laptops and WIFI are coming for your SPERM. Again.

Dec 02 2011 Published by under Friday Weird Science, Uncategorized

It started as a low rumble in my inbox on Monday. The venerable Ivan Oransky sent me a link to a new study "Laptops said to nuke sperm".

A small rumble on Monday, but that rumble was from Reuters, and pretty soon it was EVERYWHERE. The BBC, even YAHOO had something. The WI FI is coming for your SPERM! No one's sperm is SAFE! WHATEVER SHALL WE DO!?!?!

I'll tell you what we shall do. We shall look at this paper, and we shall READ it. And we will point the bright light of SCIENCE at it.

Alright paper. WHERE WERE YOU ON THE NIGHT OF...oops. Wrong tactic. Sorry.

Avendano, et al. "Use of laptop computers connected to internet through Wi-Fi decreases human sperm motility and increases sperm DNA fragmentation" Andrology, 2011.

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