At Sci Am today: Deep Brain Stimulation for Depression!

Jan 09 2012 Published by under CNS Diseases and Disorders

Sci is at Sci Am Blogs today, talking about deep brain stimulation as a treatment for depression, where they stimulate, and whether it's a miracle cure, or just another method of treatment. Head over and check it out!

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  • EPJ says:

    Is there anyway I can get a reply to my comments? here. Thanks.

    1-I would start with a more coherent clinical definition of depression, as well as what exactly the serotonin system is, and how solid is the data supporting the association of this system with 'depression'.

    2-DBS would be more like a targeted physical therapy rather than a biochemical one. But the fact that 'resistance' also shows up is consistent with the more general pharmaco therapy result; either multiple mechanisms yield clinical depression, or a more personalized therapy is the answer if only one mechanism is involved.

    3-The nurture vs nature components would have toto be weight out too. Emotions would have to be treated accordingly.

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